Chicago Bears: Three positive takeaways in a season to forget

It’s finally over, Bears fans.

No more watching a passionless, unmotivated football team every week. Your energy can now be used watching the Bulls and Blackhawks – teams that are among the best in their respective leagues.

Minnesota Vikings Ultimate Franchise Player Selection

What the Vikings don’t have is a Super Bowl title. What the Purple does have, though, are legendary players from each decade, which helps to divide each era for my latest 32-player bracket for Ultimate Franchise Player.

Packers-Vikings Preview: Point Spread, Prediction, and Analysis by Drew & Amanda

As they did last time the Packers and Vikings played, Amanda Lawson and Drew Lange decided to do their game preview in the form of an entertaining, candid email exchange. Here it is.

Packers-Vikings Preview and Prediction: Lawson and Lange “Ponder” the Outcome of Green Bay at Minnesota

In this episode of “Lawson and Lange”, Packers fanatic Amanda Lawson and Vikings sufferer Jrue Lange discuss and predict this week’s not-so-epic matchup between NFC North rivals.

Minnesota Vikings vs. Kansas City Chiefs Preview and Prediction

“If the Vikings lose this game I’m never watching them again.” That line line, spoken by Drew Lange’s father, is the first memory he has of watching Minnesota Vikings football. Yet despite three straight excruciating losses, Drew will be back watching the Vikings again on Sunday. Here is what he expects.

Memo to Morons: Stop F’ing with The Mullet

Some idiot at a bar decided it would be a good idea to mess with Jaren Allen’s girl. All I have to say to this clearly clueless moron: you’re lucky…very lucky…because this could have ended badly.

Jared Allen Wants Respect For The Mullet…and Extra Mayonnaise

Saw this video yesterday in numerous locations and wanted to share with anyone who has not yet seen it. Basically, Jared Allen is crazy…which we knew…but he’s also hilarious. Now respect the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. The perfect combination.

Jared Allen and Brandon Marshall Deliver Some Entertaining NFL Preseason Goodies

Jared Allen delivered what is sure to be the funniest line of the NFL preseason yesterday in response to the report of a “schism” in the Vikings locker room. His comments, including mention of STDs and abstinence, are ignorantly brilliant.

Plus, bonus video of Brandon Marshall acting like an ass clown at Denver Broncos practice! Surely a trade and a new contract will be right around the corner.