The Jay Cutler ‘Text Message Proposal’ Story Is Nothing But A Conspiracy To Discredit Cutler’s Dominance

A story, published by E! Online, accused the Great One of proposing to his wife, Kristin Cavallari, via text message. The story was widely disseminated throughout various “news” websites and the blogosphere. It was taken by the public as another reason to think Jay Cutler does not dominate. This nefarious conspiracy needs to end!

2013 Puppy Bowl Preview: What To Watch For and Potential MVPs

For me and many other dog lovers, one of the highlights of Super Bowl Sunday will be watching the ninth annual Puppy Bowl.

Video: A Bad Lip Reading of the NFL

The latest Bad Lip Reading video took a different direction, dubbing the dialogue and antics of the NFL. And it’s one of their best ones yet.

Are Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam The Real Reason Theo Epstein Went To The Cubs?

Many have lauded the move by Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and president Crane Kenney to bring Theo to Chicago to rebuild the Cubs. The real credit should go to Eddie Vedder.

Puppy Bowl 2012 Preview: What to Look For, Potential MVPs, and Prediction

In the midst of all the chaos in the real world, Animal Planet is giving us a chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy the 2012 Puppy Bowl on Super Bowl Sunday.

Just Because: My Favorite Current and Old ESPN SportsCenter Commercials

Ovechkin as a Russian Spy – and my favorite two from the voluminous archive of this series, both of which star (who else?) Charley Steiner.

7 Reasons Why Fantasy Baseball is Not for Losers

Despite what many women and assorted douchebags would have you think, people who play fantasy baseball are not losers. This post details the many reasons why this is true.

Facebook Abuse: One of Many Reasons Why Facebook Sucks (Plus Other Tuesday Funnies)

Facebook was once great. It was relatively orderly, fun, and private. Not anymore. Now Facebook sucks and this video by ‘Man in the Box’ about “Facebook abuse” sums up many of the reasons why.

Lane Kiffin’s Press Conference: The Most Insincere 61 Seconds of Video You’ll Ever See

Lane Kiffin’s hastily called press conference last evening that formally announced his move from Tennessee to USC was one of the most insincere pieces of video garbage I have ever seen.

Friday Fun: Video of Football Coaches Going Off – The Remix

We’ve been light on posts today as I work on the redesign of the site. But here is a little Friday fun for you. There is nothing as entertaining as football coaches going off.

The Greatest Name in NFL Draft History and a List of the All-Time #1 Overall NFL Draft Picks

MSF presents the all-time list of #1 overall NFL draft picks dating all the way back to 1936. In addition to listing every first pick in NFL draft history, find out some of the funny NFL names from drafts past, including the best ever: Dickless Riffle.

Button Maker Madness: Funny Sports Buttons Make the Games More Fun

JRod takes a break from March Madness posting to talk about sports buttons. Why? Because sports buttons are a virtually untapped resource for hilarious trash talk, which is why you should get your own button maker and make some.

BCS Declares Palin Winner of Presidential Election, Obama Number 3

Today the BCS declared Sarah Palin to be the winner of the 2008 Presidential Election. As expected, Senator Joe Biden finished in the number 2 spot, making him the Vice President of the United States.