Video: TV Reporter Walks Into Sign Post, Providing Laughter For All

Here is the setup for today’s funniest video: a reporter is hounding some binder-toting dude while on camera. Said reporter is so busy asking questions he forgets to perform one essential function of walking on a sidewalk: look up.

Video: Epic Goaltender FAIL – Player Sneaks Up On Keeper

Generally speaking, you think of goalies as the most attentive athletes on the field. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case for Real Sociedad goaltender Enaut Zubikarai.

Please don’t hate me for posting this, but I have no choice…

If you couldn’t tell yet, I’m in one of those weird moods today where I feel like posting random nonsense for no reason other than because I think you’ll enjoy it. But there is nothing random about this video.

Video: Bill Gates leaps over a chair in a single bound…is he the greatest athlete who never was?

Did you know that Bill Gates, in addition to his supreme intellect and drive for success, also had freakish athletic ability? It’s true. Watch.

Video: Aaron Hernandez’s Ahh-somely bizarre media session

Aaron Hernandez is one of the most talented and prolific tight ends in the league. With Rob Gronkowski, he forms one of the most potent 1-2 tight end punches I’ve ever seen. And yesterday he held one of the most bizarre media sessions I’ve ever seen and NFL player have.

Hilarious Video: “Don’t Be That Awkward Runner”

The Internet’s random, wacky sense of humor just doesn’t get much better than the video below. So watch it…and don’t be that guy.

Watch a group of Chinese Indiana Pacers fans in the “greatest basketball video” Jon Washburn has “ever seen”

Coming from Jon, a certified basketball fanatic, saying it’s “the greatest basketball video” he’s “ever seen” is quite high praise. I was thoroughly intrigued to watch the video and am posting it on MSF, so it must be pretty good. And it is.

Video: Father drops kid to go after fly ball then catches evil eye from his wife

This is one of the more hilarious videos you’re likely to see on the Interwebs today…and we can laugh at it because no one got hurt, except maybe the rather impulsive dad who made the split second decision that going after a fly ball was more important than protecting his kid.

Video: Charles Barkley shatters driver on 1st tee at Champions Tour Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek

Recently, on the 1st tee at the Champions Tour Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek, Charles Barkley delivered one of the more ignominious moments of his mostly ignominious golfing “career”.

Video: How to outsmart your child, the old-fashioned way

Here is the first bit of random entertainment for today, a funny video teaching all of the parents out there how to outsmart their children…the old-fashioned way.

Wait, What Did Deacon Jones Say?!?

Deacon Jones is one of the best pass rushers of all time, and was famous for his “head slap” move. In an NFL Films interview, Jones shockingly says that the head slap was not just effective in football – but that it worked on women too.

Tiger Woods Video of the Day: The Commemorative Plate Collection

Another day, another hilarious Tiger Woods video to post. This one comes courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Show and stars Billy Dee Williams (hat tip: SbB). What else do you need to know?

Candice Swanepoel Makes Shannon Sharpe Stare, Bill Cowher Stutter, and Dan Marino Forget

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel joined the set of CBS NFL Today last weekend. What ensued was pretty much exactly what you’d expect when a beautiful woman is placed right between four former football players.

Friday WYNTR: The Yankees Lose But My Horse is Amazing

The Yankees may have lost last night, but Yankees fans can always take solace in the knowing that Derek Jeter is dating Minka Kelly and that there will always be plenty of good content online to divert their attention from the pressure of Game 6.