The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Free Throw Rate

We’ve covered a lot of mathematical (read: nerdy) ground over the course of this series, and our journey ends with free throw rate. The calculation is a simple one, just take free throw attempts and divide by field goal attempts.

The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Fouls Committed/Drawn Per 40 Minutes

Looking at both fouls committed and drawn per 40 minutes can provide further insight on returning players and teams. Maybe guys haven’t put up better numbers because they can’t stay on the floor, or maybe someone adept at drawing fouls and getting to the line is on the verge of breakout.

The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Turnover Rate

After looking at assist rate earlier in the week, it’s time to turn our attention to the assist’s belligerent twin: the turnover. Again, instead of looking at the sheer volume of turnovers, more can be gleaned from turnover rate, which Ken Pomeroy defines as “the percentage of personal possessions used on turnovers.”

The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Assist Rate

The next step in Andy Bottoms’ mathematical journey focuses on an area more geared toward backcourt players: assists. Well, at least backcourt players not named Jeremy Hazell or Scotty Hopson.

The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Offensive Rebounding Percentage and Block Percentage

In the latest installment of Fun With Numbers, Andy Bottoms gives some credit to the guys who do the dirty work, particularly on the offensive glass and around the rim.

The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Effective Field Goal Percentage and True Shooting Percentage

After delving into offensive rating and usage rate in the first two installments of Fun with Numbers, I want to focus on some of the advanced metrics focused on shooting.

The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Offensive Rating and Usage Rate (Continued)

In the first installment of Fun with Numbers, we defined Offensive Rating and Usage Rate, then looked at how these two metrics can be meshed together to assess skill curves using a few simple rules of thumb. This time around I wanted to point out a few other observations from looking at the ORtg’s and Usage Rates of other returning players.

The Bottoms Line: Fun with Numbers – Offensive Rating and Usage Rate

Using the previous season’s team metrics to preview a new year can be a bit challenging based on the roster turnover that is inherent in college basketball, but there is value in looking at some of the individual measures for returning players. In this post, Andy Bottoms focuses on Offensive Rating (ORtg) and Usage Rate.