I’ve Never Been More Embarrassed to be a Chicago Bears Fan

Words escaped me as I watched the Chicago Bears look like a happy but blind birthday kid aimlessly swinging at an pinata against the rival Green Bay Packers. I didn’t expect the Bears to win at Lambeau, but I did expect some effort or, at the very least, not an embarrassing performance.

Why Chicago Bears would be idiots to not re-sign Jay Cutler

It was another brutal and disappointing season for the Chicago Bears. For the second year in a row the team has choked when given the opportunity to make the playoffs by winning one of its last two games. Yet, only a day after the loss, the fact the Bears will not be in the playoffs is old news. What everyone wants to know now is whether or not free agent quarterback Jay Cutler will be a Bear next season.

A Chicago Bears win and good friends made freezing in Cleveland fun

It was 4:30 a.m. when my alarm clock went off Sunday morning. I was tired from not being able to sleep the night before, but I got up and put three or four layers of warm clothes on. I was going to need it. Weather in Cleveland, Ohio was going to be 30 degrees with snow and wind.

Chicago Bears: 5 positives in a disappointing season

Here are some things Bears fans can be positive about despite such a disappointing season.

Injuries ruin another Chicago Bears season

Week 7 injuries have ruined a lot of teams’ seasons and maybe even some players’ careers. The Chicago Bears did not escape.

NFL Week 7: TV schedule, announcers, viewing maps

We’re seven weeks into the NFL season, and we’re beginning to see a clearer picture of what teams might be in it for the long haul, and what teams should already be thinking about next season.

NFL Week 4: TV schedule, spreads, announcers, viewing maps

Below you will find everything you need to plan your NFL viewing for Week 4.

Is teaching proper tackling technique the way to make football safer?

Last week, a high school football player died as a result of injuries sustained on the field. Damon Janes ultimately died from a helmet-to-helmet collision. He was the 39th high schooler to die playing football since the year 2000 according to the National Center for Catastrophic Sports Injury Research.

Chicago Bears offense poised for a great season

Two weeks into the NFL season, and the Chicago Bears are owning the title of “Comeback Kings,” winning both of their games on late fourth quarter drives. The Bears could easily be 0-2 now, but looking at it that way would turn a blind eye to how well the Bears have played in the first two weeks.

Does Peyton Manning’s legacy depend on the 2013 NFL season?

Entering the twilight of his career, wearing another jersey, representing a team and city he torched so many times in his days with the Colts, questions loom about the legacy of the man with the laser rocket arm.

I’ll Tell You This: Bold predictions for the 2013 season

Every year (as much as I love spring and summer) the days between February and August seem to take longer and longer to pass as we wait to see our favorite gladiators battle it out on the gridiron to make it to the biggest stage, in the greatest game known to man.

Chicago Bears have no excuse for a bad season in 2013

This past offseason was an eventful one for the Bears. There is a new head coach and other major personal changes that will have the Bears looking like a new team. The main objective – winning – remains the same, though, and the Bears must do exactly that this season or I’m going to be a very angry fan.

Brian Urlacher retires as a Chicago Bear, leaves historic legacy

This morning  Brian Urlacher announced his retirement after 13 years with the Chicago Bears. The Bears decided not to re-sign  Urlacher after last season when a reasonable contract deal couldn’t be met. It was an emotional moment for the organization and its fans, but it was a decision I supported and thought necessary for the Bears to stay […]

For Bears, Brian Urlacher’s Departure Was Necessary

I haven’t talked to many Chicago Bears fans who feel overjoyed that the Bears are parting ways with long-time middle linebacker Brian Urlacher. Yet despite any hard feelings fans may have for the decision, letting go of Urlacher was necessary for the Bears to move forward.

2013 Puppy Bowl Preview: What To Watch For and Potential MVPs

For me and many other dog lovers, one of the highlights of Super Bowl Sunday will be watching the ninth annual Puppy Bowl.