Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Closers – Ryan Madson, J.J. Putz, Carlos Marmol, and more

To round out his position primer series, Ryan McElroy tells you whose stock is rising, whose is falling, and what your closer strategy should be come draft time.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Starting Pitchers – Roy Halladay vs. Justin Verlander – How good will Stephen Strasburg be? Yu Darvish?

Whose stock is rising? Should you draft starting pitchers early? Ryan McElroy answers these questions and more in the starting pitcher edition of his position primers series.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy – Outfielders: What to do with Ryan Braun? Will Crawford Rebound?

What should be made of Ryan Braun? Who is the top sleeper? Ryan McElroy answers these questions and breaks down the outfield position today as his fantasy baseball position primer series continues.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Third Base – Brett Lawrie, David Freese, and Juan Francisco

Ryan McElroy continues breaking down each position, today looking at the third basemen. Who is the top third baseman? What can owners expect of Brett Lawrie? Will Pedro Alvarez bounce back?

Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Shortstop – Starlin Castro Rising, Hanley Ramirez Returning, and Tulowitzki Alone At #1

Ryan McElroy continues breaking down each position, today looking at the shortstops. What can owners expect from Starlin Castro this year? Will Hanley Ramirez bounce back? And is anyone in Troy Tulowitzki’s class?

Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Second Base – Zobrist Rising, Utley Falling, Ackley Breaking Out, And Who’s #1?

Ryan takes a look at the second basemen today as his position primer series continues. He analyzes why Ben Zobrist is rising as Chase Utley falls, who is #1, and why names like Ackley, Kipnis, and Jemile are ones you’ll want to know.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy: First Basemen – Eric Hosmer Rising, Ryan Howard Falling, Top 1B Sleeper, And More

How can can the Miguel Cabrera/Prince Fielder combo be? Is Eric Hosmer ready to be a fantasy superstar…already? What should be expected from Ryan Howard? Ryan McElroy answers these questions and more – including naming the top 1B sleeper – in his First Base Primer.