Nnamdi Asomugha: San Francisco 49ers waive cornerback

Nnamdi Asomugha’s spectacular fall from the top of the NFL is now complete, as the San Francisco 49ers waived him on Monday. The 32-year-old cornerback has gone from one of the NFL’s best players to a guy looking for work in just three seasons.

San Francisco 49ers sign Eric Wright after rejecting trade for him

The San Francisco 49ers signed cornerback Eric Wright to a one-year contract on Thursday, nearly three weeks after an trade for him was voided.

Browns-Vikings Preview, Analysis, and Prediction

The Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings kick off their 2009 seasons on Sunday afternoon in Cleveland. At first glance, this game looks like a mismatch. Unfortunately for Browns fans, it looks like a mismatch upon second and third glance as well.

But Jerod does see a few reasons why the Browns could come out on top Sunday. Are they enough to sway his prediction? You’ll have to read to find out.

Peter King May Disagree, But There Are Reasons For Hope in Cleveland

Not much is expected of the Cleveland Browns in 2009, with predictions like 2-14 rolling in from the likes of Peter King at SI. But in this Browns 2009 season outlook, Jerod finds a few reasons for Browns fans to be optimistic that the unexpected can once again happen in Cleveland.

Browns Preseason Q&A with Barry McBride of the Orange & Brown Report

Among many topics discussed in this preseason Q&A with Barry McBride of the Orange & Brown Report, find out the latest on the Browns’ QB battle between Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson, including whether the team is still trying to trade one of them.

Also, the latest on the Josh Cribbs contact situation, how the rookie WRs are looking in camp, and what the Browns need to do defensively to compete in 2009.

Brady Quinn Admits to Skydiving Without Parachute, Instead Uses Braylon Edwards Hat

Brady Quinn is caught on video answering the question What is the craziest thing you have ever said yes to? Thinking quickly on his feet, Quinn says it was skydiving without a parachute. How did Braylon Edwards and Eric Wright answer the question?

And how might some other members of the Browns organization answer the same question, in light of the Amazing Cleveland Collapse of 2008?

Cleveland Browns-Jacksonville Jaguars Preview and Prediction | NFL Week 8

Preview and prediction of this Sunday’s matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Cleveland Browns Week 7 Update | Video of Brady Quinn at John McCain Rally

Eric Wright is honored, the Cleveland Browns throw a perfect game, and video of Brady Quinn at the McCain rally.

Cleveland Browns Beat New York Giants 35-14 | Career High for Braylon Edwards

The Cleveland Browns shocked everyone except Midwest Sports Fans with a 35-14 win over the New York Giants.