Final Four Weekend: The Top Four Teams, Coaches and Games since 2000

To get you ready for the Final Four this weekend, I’ve comprised a list of the top four teams, coaches and games since the 1999-2000 season. While there are a lot of great teams and coaches to choose from, only the elite made the following lists.

Feel free to add your picks in the comments section.

Duke and Syracuse’s Worst March Madness Losses

Duke and Syracuse both crashed out of the 2014 NCAA Tournament early. But that shouldn’t be surprising. Here is a look at both teams’ worst March Madness losses.

Duke’s Devils meet Creighton’s Jays on ‘Blue Sunday’ in Philly

For the second consecutive season, Creighton University faces a top ACC team in the Round of 32. Will this time be different?

Notre Dame’s Move to ACC Strikes Balance Between Football, Athletic Department as Whole

Chris Callaway agrees with athletic director Jack Swarbrick’s decision to align the Fighting Irish with the ACC. It’s the best of both worlds for Notre Dame.

College Basketball v The NBA: Why I Will Watch College Hoops Because Of The Lockout…But Won’t Enjoy It

I love basketball – but I hate the college game. Ok, maybe hate is a strong word. I should probably just say that I find it incredibly boring and hard to watch. That is why I’m dreading having to do so with the NBA still locked out.

Sweet 16 Preview: Duke v Arizona Analysis and Prediction

The Sports Muse analyzes the journey Duke and Arizona took to get to the 2011 Sweet 16, how they stack up statistically this season, and how Thursday night’s game will most likely play out (including his prediction)

March Madness Advice: 3 Tips for How to Actually Enjoy the NCAA Tournament

To actually ENJOY March Madness, follow this advice from Jon Washburn, which includes three tips to ensure that rather than agonizing over your picks you actually enjoy an event that truly is unlike any other.

March Madness 2011: Butler in, but Bulldogs, Indiana State, and other mid-majors will face annual Selection Sunday bias

Last night, the Butler Bulldogs continued their 2011 renaissance with a 9th consecutive win. But I have no idea where Butler will be seeded come Selection Sunday, nor does anyone.

Many Strong Candidates for 2010-2011 College Basketball Coach of the Year [Poll]

The 2010-11 college basketball season has seen a number of excellent coaching jobs, including Matt Painter at Purdue, Steve Lavin at St. John’s, Rick Pitino at Louisville, and many more. All are candidates for National Coach of the Year. Who is your choice?

East Coast bias in college hoops rankings becoming infuriating

Just before New Year’s Day, I posted a column questioning if the San Diego State Aztecs basketball team was ‘for real.’ Two months later, they’ve answered with an emphatic YES — even if few have noticed.

How bad is the ACC?

People across the land have talked all season about how bad the ACC is this year. So The Sports Muse thought it was his duty, as an avid follower of the ACC since the mid ‘80s, to weigh in on the debate.

NCAA Hoops Crash Course: ACC – led by (who else?) Duke and not much else

Andy issues one warning on behalf of the Surgeon General: Do not let children under the age of 13 watch ACC games this season. The conference is virtually unwatchable, and if not for the weakest bubble in recent memory, most of these teams aren’t truly worthy of conversation.

Butler-UTEP to Play in 5pm ET Special…

…that no one outside of central Indiana or west Texas will see, despite the fact that Butler currently has a 20-game winning streak: Every time Brad Stevens walks into Hinkle Fieldhouse, he peers into the rafters. There he sees the overflowing banners listing conference titles and NCAA tournament appearances and quickly realizes what Butler has […]

Inconsistencies Call NCAA Tournament Selection Process Into Question

Few have harder short-term jobs than the NCAA tournament committee, yet AJ Kaufman still thinks improvements to the selection process can be made. One specific area he feels is botched year after year is how the committee treats conference tournaments.

An Argument Against Duke Being a #1 Seed

I’d bet no team has ever been a #1 seed with just five miniscule road wins all season. Duke has exactly that many this season, with only one over a possible tourney team. Why are they being talked about as a #1 seed again?