Purdue’s D.J. Byrd Arrested For Public Intox – How Would You Discipline Him If You Were Matt Painter?

Last night, Purdue guard D.J. Byrd was arrested for public intox. As of this writing, no word has emerged yet on how Purdue coach Matt Painter will discipline Byrd. If you were the Purdue coach, how would you punish Byrd?

A quick clever joke for all the golfers out there

Just found this on Reddit and enjoyed it. You will too.

Zacapa Premium Rum Has Quite A Story

Social Spark has passed along some pretty fun opportunities for us to share with you here at MSF, but I have to say that this one is the most unique, simply because of the story I have been asked to tell.

AJ Pierzynski: “Sometimes you need a rally beer”

On the Dan Patrick Show, Patrick asked AJ Pierzynski whether he or any of his teammates had ever drank during games, and AJ responded, well, he responded like really only he can or would.

Today’s reason why I miss college: Battleshots

Having the time and freedom to come up with random ways like this to pass an evening was quite entertaining. Seeing Battleshots was a nice reminder.