Beginning Baseball: Photo Diary of MSF Writer Shenanigans in Milwaukee

What happens when MSF writers get together for a baseball game? Amanda shares a picture diary of last weekend’s events in Milwaukee. Let the shenanigans begin!

MSF Misadventures: How Many MSF Writers Does It Take to Assemble a Grill?

Editor’s note: Yesterday, Chris submitted a very useful and thorough post outlining five tips for the perfect baseball tailgate. The timing was perfect because a group of MSF writers – Chris, Amanda, Tyler, Drew, and Kurt – are meeting up for this weekend’s Milwaukee-Minnesota series. And they will be, of course, tailgating. And to tailgate, […]

NFC North Report: Sad Day in Green Bay and Conference Championship Game Previews

Tonight your NFC North experts Drew Lange, Tyler Juranovich, Chris Callaway, and myself will talk about the upsets last week (even if we’d rather just forget a horrible loss) and preview this weekend’s upcoming Conference Championship games.

NFC North Report: Week 16 Edition

Tonight, the Week 16 edition of the NFC North Report will take place, hosted as always by MSF’s fun, football-loving quartet of Amanda Lawson, Drew Lange, Chris Callaway, and Tyler Juranovich. If you haven’t been listening to their weekly breakdown of all things Packers, Bears, Lions, and Vikings, you really should start. Why not tonight?

Dear Little Crying Vikings Girl, It doesn’t get any better…

Dear Little Crying Vikings Girl, I know how you feel. Every Vikings loss, especially to the Packers, makes me want to cry and wonder what went wrong in my life that I cheer for that team. I wish I could tell you that it gets better as a Vikings fan, but it really doesn’t.

Away From the Action Podcast: The Sandusky Scandal, the Fighting Sioux Nickname Controversy, and More

In this episode of the Away From the Action Podcast, Josh Tinley talk to Drew Lange about the Jerry Sandusky scandal and how much blame should fall on Joe Paterno, the North Dakota Fighting Sioux nickname controversy and recent actions taken by North Dakota’s governor and legislature, the BCS, the FCS playoff experience, and much more.

Little Dome on the Prairie

Temperatures in Fargo are expected to drop below freezing this weekend, but the 19,000 fans who come out to watch the top-ranked North Dakota State Bison face Missouri Valley Football Conference rival Youngstown State on Saturday won’t need to wear long underwear and stocking caps. Bison faithful will be comfortable inside the Fargodome, the multi-purpose facility the city of Fargo opened in 1992.