Shaun Smith, Chief Package Handler (Updated w/ Video!)

Shaun Smith, formerly of the Cleveland Browns and now with the Kansas City Chiefs, has been accused of major violations of guy code. Luckily for Smith, we’ve found just the job for him should he decide to leave the NFL.

Jay Mariotti just the latest in the long, sordid litany of ESPN personalities in trouble

This weekend, “Jay the Joke” joined a rather lengthy list of those who have landed in hot water or been pink-slipped because of something that happened while employed by ESPN.

Hey Ray Knight, you will respect Rob Dibble’s authoritahhhh!

Non-Hall of Famer Ray Knight had the audacity to disagree with fellow non-Hall of Famer Rob Dibble yesterday after Stephen Strasburg’s fourth start. Dibble was not pleased to have his authoritah disrespected.