A Quick Video Lesson On Why You Don’t Mess With Golfers

That these twerps got exactly what they deserved.

No Punchline Necessary: Tiki Barber to Unretire

This is easily the most unintentionally funny sports story of the day. Tiki Barber plans to unretire and play football again in 2011 – at age 36. There really is no further punchline necessary.

Jay Mariotti just the latest in the long, sordid litany of ESPN personalities in trouble

This weekend, “Jay the Joke” joined a rather lengthy list of those who have landed in hot water or been pink-slipped because of something that happened while employed by ESPN.

The Scales of Douche: LeBron James Crowned by The King

This morning I simply could not resist calling attention to one of the most ironic, laugh out loud hilarious examples I have ever seen of the pot calling the kettle black. Jay Mariotti, yes Jay Mariotti, referred to LeBron James as a douche bag.

The Scales of Douche: Tiki Barber, Albert Haynesworth, and Adam Morrison

In the second installment of The Scales of Douche, we analyze the douchiness of deadbeat douche Tiki Barber, the supremely selfish Albert Haynesworth, and that mustachioed guy in a suit on the Lakers bench.

The Scales of Douche: Bryce Harper, Rickie Fowler, and Tate Forcier

Using MSF’s own proprietary Scale of Douche, we highlight extreme douchiness in the sports world and weigh it on a scale of Michael Jordan (zero douchiness) to Jay Mariotti (complete douchiness).