2014 Puppy Bowl Preview: What to Look For, Potential MVPs

A lot of people around the world will be tuning in to the Super Bowl this Sunday, but dog lovers like myself will be tuning in to Animal Planet to witness the 2014 Puppy Bowl.

2013 Puppy Bowl Preview: What To Watch For and Potential MVPs

For me and many other dog lovers, one of the highlights of Super Bowl Sunday will be watching the ninth annual Puppy Bowl.

Jay Cutler Appreciation Week: In Celebration of Jay, The Humble Dog Owner

Despite all the flak Cutler gets for supposedly being arrogant and having a bad attitude, I know he’s a good guy because he’s a dog owner.

Video: Touching Rescue Of Blind Dog Living In Trash Pile

I tend to only tear up for truly emotional moments like the catch scene in Field of Dreams or stomach-punch losses by my favorite sports teams, but I have to admit that even I got a little misty eyed, in a most happy and warm-hearted way, watching this video.

Video: Michael Vick confronted by Dallas radio host who now owns one of Vick’s former pit bulls

Michael Vick was confronted by a Dallas radio personality known as Big Dick Hunter who adopted one of Vick’s old pit bulls. As you can see from the video, Vick seems unaffected by the brief encounter.