The NFL is not rigged, it’s all in your head

I have mostly ignored the ongoing NFL playoff games, but I found myself on the couch watching the last quarter of the Dallas Cowboys-Green Bay Packers game on Sunday. I turned it on just in time to see the reaction to the reversed Dez Bryant fourth-down reception. The overturned call would end the Cowboys’ drive and season, and I […]

NFL Week 16 Against the Spread picks – Holiday wish edition

With the Thursday Night schedule mercifully over, I am able wait an extra day to unveil my Week 16 Against the Spread picks.

This week’s theme is holiday gift wishes for each NFL team.

NFL Week 10 Against the Spread Picks: Aaron Rodgers collarbone edition

The sky has fallen. The sky has fallen.

The doomsday scenario that has been in the back of everyone’s mind for the past few years is now reality. Aaron Rodgers is out with a broken collarbone.

How long he is out depends on which NFL insider (not conducting a witch hunt on Richie Incognito) you choose to believe.

Dallas Cowboys: X-rays confirm Tony Romo’s ribs not fractured

Fantasy owners and Dallas Cowboys fans alike winced Sunday night when quarterback Tony Romo was pinched between two New York Giants, and went down in a heap. Romo was on the field for a bit in what looked to be serious pain. Well breathe easy guys, he’s going to be OK.

Early two-round 2013 Fantasy Football mock draft

Robert Griffin is this year’s Adrian Peterson scenario. In a world where nothing happens to his knee at the end of last season, Griffin is a first-round pick and arguably the first QB off the board.

But Griffin is coming off a knee injury. All the propaganda says Griffin is way, way ahead of schedule and will be good to go Week One. But the last time the Adidas hype machine pushed someone who sustained a serious knee injury in the playoffs, things did not work so well. Griffin could end up like Adrian Peterson and perform like nothing ever happen, or he could be like Derrick Rose and miss much of the season.

Obviously Griffin’s final fantasy draft position will hinge on his progress during camp. By mid-August the picture should be much clearer.

Monday Night Football Drinking Game Week 4: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys

What is the best way to enjoy tonight’s MNF tilt between the Bears and Cowboys? With these drinking guidelines from Keith Mullett, of course.

Fantasy Football Week 16 Start Em, Sit Em Advice, Player Projections, and Roster Q&A

If you’re reading this post right now, one of three things is happening, with the most likely being that you are in your league’s championship round. Congrats! We’ve got your covered with start/sit picks, some player projections, and Q&A in the comment section throughout the week.

Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Day Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections, and Roster Q&A

With three games on Thanksgiving Thursday I thought it might be helpful to do a special start/sit column for those games. So in this post I’ll do just that, providing analysis and recommendations for the key players you need to decide on before Turkey Day.

Fantasy Football Week 2 Injury Updates: Arian Foster, Knowshon Moreno, Hakeem Nicks, Steven Jackson, many more

Amanda Lawson runs down the latest updates on all of the injuries that will impact Week 2 of the fantasy football season. Among the names: Arian Foster, Steven Jackson, Hakeem Nicks, Calvin Johnson, Stevie Johnson, Santonio Holmes, Knowshon Moreno, and many more.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice, Player Projections, and Roster Q&A

Who should you start and who should you sit in Week 1 of the NFL and fantasy football seasons? MSF has you covered with Week 1 start em, sit em lineup advice, player projections, and roster Q&A.

Fantasy Football Tips Sheet: Overrated and Underrated Players

In Jerod’s first Fantasy Football Tips Sheet he reiterates his QB strategy for 2011, highlights five players who are being generally overrated and five players being generally underrated, and provides a quick note about auction drafts.

Fantasy Football: Why Tashard Choice is Fantasy Playoff Gold

Tashard Choice has a great chance to lead fantasy football teams to victory thanks to an easy schedule, injuries to teammates, and a new head coach.

Monday Morning Observations: Tony Romo, Matt Forte, Jahvid Best, and more

Included in Jerod’s Monday Morning Observations are Tony Romo, Matt Forte, and Jahvid Best, among others, who all gave us some insight into what to expect from them moving forward.

Sports Agent Corner: UFL vs CFL, “Runners”, and the Stay-or-Go Debate

Gary Glick from Synergy Sports discusses a variety of topics with Midwest Sports Fans, including the UFL vs the CFL, the stay-or-go debate, and how runners influence the agent selection process.

TSICAMW: “NFL needs to press Sanders”

A quick look at the smoke building around Deion Sanders’ relationship with Eugene Parker and how that might or might not be influencing the “mentoring” that Primetime is doing for players like Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant, and Noel Devine.