After last September’s heroics, where are Cleveland Indians fans?

I wrote a similar piece last year and in 2012, but didn’t think I’d need to opine on the same topic again this season. I was wrong.

Last September, the Cleveland Indians seemingly regained fan confidence when, under the stewardship of veteran skipper Terry Francona, they won their final 10 games to finish 92-70, capturing the top AL Wild Card spot. Not bad for a squad that collapsed the August prior and fell to a 68-94 clip.

Who has baseball’s best starting rotation after trade deadline?

Baseball’s 2014 trade deadline has come and gone and several top-line starting pitchers have swapped uniforms. The MLB arms race has gotten intense and now four teams have what have to be considered far and away the best starting rotations in baseball. The question is: who has the best collection of starting pitchers after the deadline?

MLB execs slam Seattle Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik

Have you ever wondered who the most difficult sports executive to work with was? Well apparently we have our answer, and it’s bad news for Seattle Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik.

MLB Rumors: Seattle in talks to acquire David Price, Ben Zobrist

The biggest name on this year’s baseball trade market is Tampa Bay Rays lefty David Price. No one knows where the 2012 AL Cy Young Award winner will wind up but on Thursday we got a clue as to who was interested.

Four Boston Red Sox ejected against Tampa Bay Rays

Well, that was an interesting night. The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays are developing quite a rivalry, and on Friday night things boiled over once again. The result? Several errant pitches, cleared benches and four members of the Red Sox ejected.

Matt Moore: Tampa Bay Rays becomes youngest lefty to start 8-0 since 1917

Matt Moore is making quite a name for himself early in the 2013 season. The 23-year-old lefty improved to 8-0 on Sunday as the Tampa Bay Rays beat the Baltimore Orioles 3-1.

Who’s Still In The Running For AL, NL MVP and Cy Young?

With that, time is running out for this year’s MVP and Cy Young Candidates to make cases for themselves. All four races look to be highly contested and full of tough decisions for voters. Let’s dive in and look at these races in each league.

Putting Chris Sale’s Breakout Season Into Perspective

Currently standing at 13-3 with a 2.59 ERA, Chris Sale has catapulted himself into the conversation of the league’s best.

AL Cy Young Award Tracker: The Top Candidates with Two Months in the Books

Two of the MLB regular season’s six months are already in the books, so it’s not too early to start to take a look at what pitchers are in contention to be named the 2012 Cy Young Award winner.

The Top 10 MLB Pitcher/Hitter Combinations To Build Around

What current pitcher/hitter duo do you think is the best in Major League Baseball? Which duo would you most want to build a franchise around moving forward? Chris Callaway analyzes and answers both questions in this post.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Bryce Harper, Drew Smyly…and $350 Freeroll Tournament!

All week long I have been telling you about Friday’s freeroll tournament with a $350 prize pool. Well, it’s now Friday. So get ready to enter, and for good measure here are a few handy picks to keep in mind.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Jordan Zimmerman, Andruw Jones, David Price, Hanley Ramirez, and more

Jerod provides a few interesting early-season runs scored nuggets, then jumps right into today’s tournaments and picks.

Every Baseball Fan Should Respect Derek Jeter After His 3,000th Hit

There is no doubt that the Yankees are the most disliked team in the history of sports, but this hate should not be directed towards Derek Jeter, the newest member of the 3,000 hit club.

Who should win the Cy Young Awards for 2010?

The Cy Young rule is clear: the honor goes to the BEST pitcher on ANY team in a season. With that in mind, AJ analyzes both the AL and NL Cy Young contenders and offers his picks for each league. What are your picks?

Fantasy Baseball: “Mr. Happy” Neftali Feliz Has the Arm & Role to Make Fantasy Owners Happy Too

Neftali Feliz made an impressive debut last night for the Texas Rangers, striking out four A’s over two perfect innings. JRod explains why the guy whose teammates call him “Mr. Happy” can make fantasy baseball managers happy with what he can produce for the balance of 2009.