Drew Brees becomes fifth quarterback to pass for 50,000 yards

On Sunday night the New Orleans Saints ripped the Carolina Panthers 31-13 but the biggest headline belonged to their 34-year-old quarterback. Against the Panthers Drew Brees became just the fifth quarterback in NFL history to top 50,000 yards passing in his career.

Miami Dolphins Ultimate Franchise Player (You’ll Never Guess!)

Which player was the best to ever down wear aqua-marine? Not only do we give you that easy answer, but also the best Miami Dolphins ever at each position..

How Many Hall of Fame QBs Have Led The League In Interceptions?

Eric Mangini, in a discussion on this morning’s First Take about whether Eli Manning would be a Hall of Famer if his career ended today, mentioned that Eli led the league in interceptions in 2010 and asked, “How many Hall of Famers have led the league in interceptions?” Naturally, Josh stopped what he was doing and went to databaseFootball.com to answer Mangini’s question.

Super Bowl Quarterbacks Special: Every Super Bowl QB Matchup Ranked 1-46

This year’s Super Bowl quarterbacks are Tom Brady and Eli Manning, and with their four combined rings, it is a great one. In fact, it’s perhaps one of the most highly anticipated QB matchups in Super Bowl history. But where does it rank all time? Chris Callaway has an answer. (Hint: it’s top 10.)

A List of the NFL Single-Season Passing and Receiving Records Broken This Year

If you paid any attention to professional football in December you know that 2011 was a historic year for quarterback productivity. Here is a list of the many passing and receiving records that were broken or tied during the 2011 NFL season.

Video: Drew Brees’ Perfect Postgame Speech After Breaking Dan Marino’s Single-Season Passing Yardage Record

Drew Brees’ postgame speech after breaking Dan Marino’s single-season record for passing yards is yet another example of what makes Brees such a likable athlete and terrific example for younger athletes to emulate.

NFL Plays of the Week: Tebow’s Spin, Simpson’s Flop, and Nick Novak’s Kneeling Tinkle

It was another exciting week of NFL football. We’ll have plenty of actual analysis to come this week, but let’s take a few minutes and laugh some, shall we? Here are the NFL Plays of the Week.

Tim Tebow Double Standard masks this reality: his start compares favorably with that of numerous Hall of Fame QBs

Jon Washburn feels completely different about Tim Tebow’s start than most others. He disagrees with what the media is trying to sell you. In his opinion, the Denver Broncos have gotten what they paid for with Tim Tebow…and frankly, it has been mostly good.

Candice Swanepoel Makes Shannon Sharpe Stare, Bill Cowher Stutter, and Dan Marino Forget

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Candice Swanepoel joined the set of CBS NFL Today last weekend. What ensued was pretty much exactly what you’d expect when a beautiful woman is placed right between four former football players.