Chris Paul Trade Fiasco ‘Scales of Losing’ – David Stern Edition

In one of the most bizarre cases in sports history, the NBA decided to overrule a trade involving the Lakers, Rockets, and Hornets last night for “basketball reasons.” Jon Washburn assesses and ranks the biggest losers in the Chris Paul trade fiasco, with none bigger than commissioner David Stern.

LeBron James and the Revolutionary War/GQ Interview

Cleveland has been a sour place ever since LeBron left. The Indians are in last place and the Browns are still the Browns. And LeBron left the Cavaliers a basketball team in disarray. They have a shot to be good but, they will have to work ten times harder this year and for years to […]

LeBron James Goes to Miami: We Were All Witnesses

If you were watching “The Decision”, like the rest of us, you know that LeBron James certainly dissapointed everyone outside of the state of Florida. He certainly upset me, and things might never be the same for the self proclaimed “King”.

Special Guest Post: Tom Izzo’s Offseason Photo Diary (Updated: I’m Staying!)

We have opened up our pages to Tom Izzo as he weighs the important decision currently facing him. The current-Spartan-possible-Cavs coach wanted to blow of some steam by creating a photo diary of his offseason, so of course we let him. Enjoy.

Potential Tom Izzo-Cavaliers Marriage on the Line Today

Tom Izzo has most definitely been eyed by the Cavs, but today will be the deciding factor. Will a meeting be able to finally bring Izzo into Dan Gilbert’s empire? It just might.

Witnessing the Fall of the Cavaliers Empire

The Cavaliers are falling apart. They are losing fans, they have lost trust, and have recently lost their head coach. But guess who was next on the list?