Dominoes Falling After LeBron James Makes Decision

In case you’ve been under a rock so far today, LeBron James announced he is heading back home to rejoin the Cleveland Cavaliers. As soon as that news broke, all the major free agency dominoes began to fall. What follows is a quick roundup of what we know so far.

NBA Playoffs: Western Conference preview and predictions

The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday afternoon after another highly entertaining basketball season. Here are the first round matchups, previews and predictions for the Western Conference.

NBA free agency: Dallas Mavericks after Andrew Bynum

After failing to land Dwight Howard in free agency, the Dallas Mavericks have now turned their attention to another former Los Angeles Lakers center. No, they aren’t trying to woo Shaquille O’Neal out of retirement, instead they are targeting Andrew Bynum and his ridiculous hair.

Mark Cuban Annihilating Skip Bayless on First Take Was So Good, It Deserves a Second Post

Did anyone else watch the video Jerod posted of Mark Cuban obliterating Skip Bayless Friday morning on ESPN2? Wow. It was so good I had to post about it too and break down the great points Cuban made.

With Great Finals Matchup Set, It’s Time To Appreciate the State of the NBA Game

The 2012 NBA Playoffs have been a blast to watch, but these last couple of months have not been just another post season; they’ve been something much more special than that.

Oklahoma City Thunder Positioned for Historic Playoff Run

Over the last 13 NBA seasons, there have been only three teams from the Western Conference to play for an NBA championship. The Oklahoma City Thunder may get the chance to eliminate each of these three powerhouses in their 2012 playoff run towards the NBA Finals.

This Mark Cuban Animated GIF Sums Up 2011-12 Dallas Mavericks Season

This season for the Dallas Mavericks has been the exact opposite of last year’s joyride, and this GIF of owner Mark Cuban pretty much sums up how everyone here in Dallas feels about this year’s edition of the Mavs.

NBA Playoffs: Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Dallas Mavericks Preview and Prediction

The defending champion Mavericks take on the team that they beat in last year’s Western Conference Finals, the Thunder, in this year’s first round.

NBA Trade Rumors: Dallas Mavericks To Trade Lamar Odom To Los Angeles Clippers?

Since being traded to the Dallas Mavericks by the Los Angeles Lakers before the season started, things have been rocky for forward Lamar Odom. Now there are whispers that the Mavericks may try to buy out or trade Odom – anything to get him out of him.

NBA Christmas Day 2011: TV Schedule and Game Previews

With the NBA season beginning on Christmas, Devon serves up his previews of each game and accompanies it with the TV schedule! Enjoy!

Mavericks take their talents back to Dallas with a trophy, leave plenty of lessons to be learned for the team in South Beach

Fueled by the memories of 2006, and with the roster that manifested lessons learned, the Dallas Mavericks came to Miami up 3-2 and now head back home after Game 6 as much-deserved NBA champions.

Dallas Mavericks championship an old school win for the ages

There are a lot of reasons to love basketball. When played right, there is no game on the planet that is nearly as beautiful. The artistry and grace with which literal giants play the game is unmatched in any other sport. And oh yes, there is that part about “team.”

NBA Finals Game 6 Quick Preview: Prediction, Poll, and Commenter Picks

Game 6 of the NBA Finals is tonight. Mavs-Heat, 3 games to 2. Jerod provides his prediction, along with some simple reasoning, and then it’s your turn to chime in.

This Is All About The Dallas Mavericks

The Miami Heat have been losing this series in the eyes of the media, but Devon is going to explain why the Mavericks are the team that is winning it.

LeBron underwhelms (again) in “biggest game of his career”

How did LeBron respond in Game 5 with his back against the wall and D-Wade injured? LeBron passed the ball at every opportunity, half-heartedly drove the lane to try and draw fouls, and did not hit a single shot outside of the paint until midway through the 3rd. It was a disaster.