Image of Cubs Fan in Pujols Jersey at Cardinals Opening Day Another Example of Non-Lovable Loser Mentality

It looks like Cubs fans – at least one steaming Wrigley turd in particular – have already given up on 2011. How else do you explain this?

Brilliant: 2010 Chicago Cubs Commemorative DVD — Chasing Pittsburgh

I just saw this video in today’s Hot Clicks. It’s bloody brilliant, and the perfect way to end the week and commemorate the end of another season of losing baseball in the city of Chicago.

While Sox fans await 10th straight W while Cubs fans enjoy barenaked male backsides

The White Sox are one of the hottest teams in baseball; the Cubs are wallowing at eight games under .500. It is in times like these when Cubs fans resort to their most trusted source of solace: the barenaked naked asses of other man.

Look! Another Cubs fan to point and laugh at!

As you know, I could probably type for days and days making derogatory comments about this North Sider, but I think in this case I’ll just let the visual evidence speak for itself.

Which Chicago Sports Team Will End Its Title Drought Next?

Last night, the Blackhawks ended a 49-year Stanley Cup drought by beating the Flyers. Which of Chicago’s sports droughts – some now short and one in particular obviously VERY long – will be the next to come to an end?

Nine Year Old Yankees Fans Finally Get Their Championship

I mean, look at the picture of this little boy. He is perhaps seven or eight or nine years old. Do you realize that until last night, this depraved young soul had never experienced a World Series championship?

Quick Hit: Yet Another Reason Why the Cubs Will Continue to Suck

There are so many reason why the Cubs’ franchise and its management suck, and why they will continue to do so. Here is one of them, via Bloomberg (with a hat tip to The Big Lead): Tribune Co., the bankrupt newspaper publisher, is seeking court permission to pay as much as $66 million in bonuses to […]

St. Louis Rams Majority Ownership For Sale and Leaving St. Louis Is A Possibility

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Rams majority owners Chip Rosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez are looking for buyers for the team. This could lead to the Rams leaving St. Louis. What are some possible locations should the team move?