LOLCubs: Bleacher Bum treats fellow fan’s beer like Randy Johnson treats low-flying birds

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I present to you the following animated GIF of a Cubs fan destroying a fellow fan’s beer in spectacular fashion.

While Sox fans await 10th straight W while Cubs fans enjoy barenaked male backsides

The White Sox are one of the hottest teams in baseball; the Cubs are wallowing at eight games under .500. It is in times like these when Cubs fans resort to their most trusted source of solace: the barenaked naked asses of other man.

Look! Another Cubs fan to point and laugh at!

As you know, I could probably type for days and days making derogatory comments about this North Sider, but I think in this case I’ll just let the visual evidence speak for itself.

Which Chicago Sports Team Will End Its Title Drought Next?

Last night, the Blackhawks ended a 49-year Stanley Cup drought by beating the Flyers. Which of Chicago’s sports droughts – some now short and one in particular obviously VERY long – will be the next to come to an end?

Chicago Cubs 2010 Preview: What Can Cubs Fans Expect This Year?

Spring training has just begun, and it’s time for another chance for the “lovable losers” to make another run at ending their 100+ year World Series drought. But is this really the year for the Cubs to end that drought?

If Given Chance, How Would Cubs Fans Receive a Sammy Sosa Return?

Cardinals fans have received Mark McGwire with open arms upon his return to baseball and the team. If Sammy Sosa ever attempts a similar comeback, how would/should Cubs fans receive their former star?

Kyle Orton In Memoriam Photo Diary — And Will Jay Cutler Be a White Sox Fan or a Cubs Fan?

Kyle Orton and Jay Cutler were traded for eachother yesterday, plus some draft picks, by the Broncos and Bears. MSF provides a different kind of Orton-Cutler trade analysis with its Kyle Orton In Memoriam Photo Diary and an educated guess on whether Jay Cutler will be a Cubs fan or a White Sox fan.