Has Johnny Manziel Made You Question the Myth of Amateurism?

In 2011, I penned an article begging the NCAA to pay college athletes. My thesis was simple: under the current set of rules, many athletes were being exploited by the NCAA and its system. Therefore, the NCAA should pay its college athletes more in order to stop the unfair exploitation of 19 and 20 year-old kids.

Video: Va. Tech fans go nucking futs for “Enter Sandman”

The youthfully exuberant passion that was on display in Blacksburg, Virginia over the weekend was a reminder of what makes college sports so great.


Jonathan Washburn takes an in-depth, well researched look at the age old and now exceedingly relevant question of whether it is time for NCAA athletes to start seeing some of the massive financial pie. The key to this argument is the idea of exploitation.

The key to a successful life is…wait, what?

Earlier today, Gordon Keith from 1310 The Ticket in Dallas made an interesting observation during a discussion about the Auburn tree poisoning. He said that the key to a successful life is to get over college. What do you think?

If you were a college athlete, could you maintain your NCAA eligibility? [Quiz]

The fine folks over at ReeseNews.org put together a fun little quiz game that gives you the chance to make a series of decisions and see if you make enough correct calls to stay eligible. Take the quiz and see how you do.