Baylor, TCU Did Not Get Snubbed

Two plus two does not equal five, or even six.

That is the reality of the College Football Playoff. With five major conferences, it is assured at least one would not be represented and their would be the inevitable controversy and at one team being ‘snubbed’.

Snub is one of my favorite terms in sports media, right alongside ‘choke’ and a team ‘controlling it’s own destiny’.

Which brings us to Ohio State being selected over TCU and Baylor by the selection committee just five days after the previous ranking deemed TCU better than Florida State for the number three seed.

So after thrashing lowly Iowa State 55-3, the Horned Frogs dropped not only behind the Seminoles, but also Ohio State and Baylor.

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Oh wait — this is college football we are talking about, the sport where logic is nowhere to be found.

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama

Congratulations to Barack Obama, a proud BCS-hater and the next President of the United States of America.