An Interesting Hypothetical Proposition for Cavs Fans

Cavs fans, take yourself back to the ’09-’10 NBA season and assume that LeBron James, like Carmelo Anthony, told the Cavs he would be leaving at season’s end. Would you have accepted the same deal for LeBron that Denver got for Carmelo?

LeBron’s Failure All That Mattered in Cleveland

Many in Cleveland were calling the Mavericks the “Mavaliers”, with Dirk being the favorite player of many Cavs fans. However, it did not matter that the Mavericks won the title; it was all about the failure of LeBron James.

NBA Draft Lottery Gives Cleveland Something Else to Cheer About

Dan Gilbert sent his 14-year old son Nick to represent the Cavs because he said Nick is the luckiest person he knows. This turned out to be true. The Cavs headed into the lottery with two picks and came out with both of them in the top five.

NBA Draft Lottery: Playoffs for the Non-Playoff Teams

The NBA lottery is tonight at 8:30, and the Cleveland Cavaliers have two spots in the lottery. This is the closest thing to the playoffs for us fans in Cleveland besides the joy of watching the Heat lose. This is also the playoffs for the other 14 teams* who did not get into the real playoffs this year.

Cavs Beat the Heat: More Than Just a Win

The Cavaliers defeated the Heat 102-90 on Tuesday night in a thriller. It was arguably the Cavs best game all season, and good games have been hard to come by. The obvious importance behind this win is the fact that LeBron is on the Heat. He went from a hero to a villain in a […]

Heat-Cavaliers in a Nutshell with One Picture (Minus LeBron, of course)

The following picture, from last night’s inspired Cavaliers win over the Miami Heat in Cleveland for the last time this season, gives us a pretty nice baseline when it comes to these two teams. The only important piece not pictured is that LeBron James fellow.

Assessing the Cavs Under-the-Radar Deadline Deals

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been very active during the trade deadline for many years. The main reason in years past was to try and find a complement to the self-titled “King”. This year the reasons for trades were different.

Cavs Shock Lakers

The Cavs may be the most inconsistent team in the NBA this season, but they continue to intrigue Clevelanders. Tonight the Cavs defeated the struggling – but still defending champion – Lakers in a 104-99 victory.

Cavs End Losing Streak in OT Thriller

The Cleveland Cavaliers won their first game since December 18th last night, beating the Los Angeles Clippers. After nearly two months of pure torture for players and fans alike, the streak has finally ended.

Update: Homeless Radio Voice Guy Ted Williams Hired By the Cavs

Ted Williams, the homeless man who’s dilemma went viral recently due to his made-for-radio voice and engaging personality got a win today. He was hired by the Cleveland Cavaliers

The NBA Morning After: Possibilities Actualized Edition

The Miami Heat. Holy shit. Road game in hostile environment? Yup. Opposing team strong in the front-court and point guard positions, Miami’s two biggest weaknesses? Yup. A focused, unrelenting, fast-paced, ice-cold statement win? Yes, yes, yes and yes.

The NBA Morning After: Nice Pairings Edition

Some of the Atlanta Hawks put up some ridiculous numbers in their 116-101 win over the New Jersey Nets.

The NBA Morning After: The King Stays the King Edition

One thing remained very clear in last night’s LeBronageddon: LeBron James still runs the Cavaliers. He runs through their minds and for three quarters worth of work (38 points, 5 rebounds, 8 assists) en route to a 118-90 Heat scorching, he ran right past them.

A Letter to LeBron – About your Game

Dear LeBron, It doesn’t matter if people like you right now. They will all come back, as long as you win your rings…right? Well, the charade is over.

Time to Remove ‘The Shot’ From the List of Most Devastating Moments in Cleveland Sports History

After The Decision happened, The Shot has been brought up more and more with other Cleveland tragedies. But I don’t believe the The Shot belongs on that list.