The 10 Most Intriguing ‘What ifs…?’ In College Hoops History

What if Hank Gathers hadn’t tragically passed away? What if Gordon Hayward’s shot had rimmed IN? What if LeBron had gone to college? We count down the 10 most intriguing ‘What ifs…?” in college basketball history.

The 8 Most Elite Individual Performances in NCAA Tournament History

March Madness is finally here, and what better way to honor the Tournament than to look at the greatest individual performances in Tournament History.

What if…Christian Laettner had been ejected for stomping on Aminu Timberlake?

Even without Christian Laettner’s game-winner, the 1992 East Regional Final was a classic, an all-time great. However, one thing many people forget is that Christian Laettner should not have been in the game to make that final shot.