Forget the Dream Team … Which Was The Best Bronze Medal-Winning USA Men’s Basketball Team?

The Internet and sports radio have been abuzz lately with current USA Men’s Basketball players claiming that they could beat the 1992 “Dream Team,” which is widely considered the greatest team ever assembled. Lost in all of this hubbub, however, is a debate that is much more fun and ridiculous: Which was the best bronze medal-winning USA Men’s Basketball team?

The Ultimate Dream Team: What Players From Team USA 2012 Would Have Made the Dream Team Roster?

After Kobe Bryant calmly stated that he thought this vintage of Team USA could beat the Dream Team, fans everywhere – plus MJ, Larry, and Charles – started to straight up lose their minds. It got Jon thinking … who would make the Ultimate Dream Team cut out of the 24 combined players involved in this discussion?

Selection Sunday: CBS Selection Show Time, Hosts Announced

Okay, so maybe “announced” is a bit much, since it’s not like this is really earth-shattering news that we couldn’t already guess ourselves, but when it comes in a tweet from Richard Deitsch, followed up by commentary from Fang’s Bites, I treat it with the appropriate levels of gravitas.

14 Other Songs As Irresistibly Fun As ‘I Believe In A Thing Called Love’ by The Darkness

Inspired by the Super Bowl XLVI reemergence of “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” here are 14 other songs that have similarly always captured the rhythm of my heart.

SNL Recap: Charles Barkley and Kelly Clarkson Episode of Saturday Night Live

SNL was back with a new episode last night, and Charles Barkley kicked of 2012 as the host. Brandon provides his usual SNL recap, running down each skit and providing video of some of the more interesting ones.

Dr. Twitch’s Top 20 NBA Players of All-Time (including his shocking and ‘sacrilegious’ top 3)

Keeping with our recent theme, this post details the thoughts of Jon Washburnon the top 20 NBA players ever. Dr. Twitch has the most unique top 3 of anyone who submitted a list, which is why we asked him to provide a detailed description of his top 20. And boy did he. Enjoy.

My Top 20 NBA Players of All-Time

Earlier this week, Evan regaled you with his personal top 20 players from the last 15 years. Today, Brandon widens the scope a little bit and provides his personal top 20 of all-time, with explanation for each choice.

Charles Barkley shows his appreciation of Einstein’s definition of insanity

Apparently the Chuckwagon has decided to start swinging a golf club left-handed. And why not?

Shaquille O’Neal retires, ending one of the truly unique on- and off-court careers in NBA history

Shaquille O’Neal retired today, and he did it in his own unique, unexpected way. He tweeted it. Really, it was the only appropriate way for a true on-court original and off-court sports/entertainment pioneer like Shaq to go out.

Video: Charles Barkley flips off rude, rowdy Miami Heat fans

Before Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals last night, TNT decided that it’d be nice for the pre-game show to take place outside of American Airlines Arena. It didn’t go exactly at they’d envisioned.

Video: Charles Barkley shatters driver on 1st tee at Champions Tour Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek

Recently, on the 1st tee at the Champions Tour Regions Tradition at Shoal Creek, Charles Barkley delivered one of the more ignominious moments of his mostly ignominious golfing “career”.

March Madness 2011 Media Coverage Review

Here is my critique on the television coverage for March Madness 2011, which was generally solid but did have its hiccups.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Still Love LeBron

LeBron James is becoming widely hated. Yet, there are still those who show love to LeBron, and Devon (Cavs fan) is one of them. Care to see why? Maybe, just maybe, he’ll change your mind.

11 Great Moments in the Colorful History of Craig Sager and His Technicolor Suits

Craig Sager is a colorfully iconic and ubiquitous presence during the NBA Playoffs. Devon counts down 11 of the greatest moments in Sager’s wildly expressive history of technicolor sideline suits.

10 Reasons to LOVE Charles Barkley

He’s a Hall of Famer, one of the NBA’s Top 50 players, and ubiquitous during the NBA season on TNT. We know about his periodic troubles, but there are still many, many reasons to love Charles Barkley.