The NBA Playoffs: A Battle of Matchups

Devon says there is one thing he has realized over the past few seasons: the NBA Playoffs are not about who finished with the best record during the regular season. The NBA Playoffs are a battle of matchups.

LeBron Accepts His Role As A Villain

LeBron James has done it. He has returned to Cleveland and wiped out the haters, doubters, and naysayers with a 38 point-performance. He is more of a villain now than ever.

The Anticipation Is Over: LeBron Returns Home

LeBron James is returning to Cleveland. History in the making. But what kind of history will this be? Good? Bad? Horrible? I guess, we will just all have to witness.

LeBron James Goes to Miami: We Were All Witnesses

If you were watching “The Decision”, like the rest of us, you know that LeBron James certainly dissapointed everyone outside of the state of Florida. He certainly upset me, and things might never be the same for the self proclaimed “King”.

Could Byron Scott Ultimately Bring Chris Paul to Cleveland?

New Cavs coach Byron Scott has a good relationship with disgruntled point guard Chris Paul. Maybe Paul could be traded to Cleveland or could he sign with them next year when his contract ends.

Who’s Going Where? Predictions for the Top 5 NBA Free Agents

In less than 24 hours, LeBron, Bosh, D-Wade and others can begin talks with other teams and can choose to leave home or can choose to stay faithful. Devon analyzes the landscape and makes his free agency predictions.

Potential Tom Izzo-Cavaliers Marriage on the Line Today

Tom Izzo has most definitely been eyed by the Cavs, but today will be the deciding factor. Will a meeting be able to finally bring Izzo into Dan Gilbert’s empire? It just might.

What Happened? A Die-Hard Looks Back at the Awful End to the Cavs’ 2010 Season

LeBron deservedly won MVP two years in a row, the team was the top seed this year, and they had made all the necessary tweaks and additions to win the NBA title this year. Or so we all thought. So, what happened?

Legacy of LeBron Takes a Huge Hit

The Cavs lost. The dream is ruined. Cleveland is left dumbfounded by the result, and LeBron might have played his last game with the Cavs. So how does this make #23 look?

Adrian Wojnarowski Nails LeBron’s Failings and the Meaning of Game 6

If you only read one article about LeBron James and the epic collapse he has guided his Cavaliers to the verge of, make it this one by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. (And if you have time for two, then please read this one. But not before Wojnarowski’s.) I’d like to excerpt the whole thing, […]

MSF Top 10 List: Reactions to the “Quicken Groans LeBracle”

Since everyone from Bristol to Bangkok is reacting to last night’s “LeBracle” that made all of Quicken Loans Arena groan, boo, and exit early, we’re counting down the top 10 reactions for you this morning.

Some Music Video Entertainment For Your Cavs-Celtics Off Day

With the Cavs looking vulnerable every other game it seems like, here are a few music videos I was sent this morning that I suggest Cavs fans watch instead of watching the red hot Magic.

Report: LeBron’s Elbow “Way Worse Than is Generally Known”

At first there were whispers that LeBron was Roethlisbergering his elbow injury for attention. Now there are reports saying the injury is “way worse” than anyone knows. Can the King still carry Cleveland to a crown?

The Tale of the Injury: Kobe and LeBron

With the NBA playoffs heating up, we already have two big injury stories for the biggest two players in the game: Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Will either be healthy enough to make it out to the Finals alive?

LeBron Punishes one of MJ’s Rims!

We’ve heard of LeBron’s Nike “Witness” slogan, but to be honest, those in Chicago are still on MJ’s Kool-Aid, so maybe this will help convert them!