Top 8 Current Candidates For NL MVP – Which Could Be a Race For the Ages

With just two and a half months left in the regular season, the race for NL MVP has been narrowed down. As he did for the AL MVP race, Zach ranks ’em from bottom on up.

Mike Trout Has Stolen The Show, But Don’t Forget About Bryce Harper

Mike Trout’s numbers are nearly unheard of from anyone, let alone a rookie. But today I’m here to talk about the other star MLB rookie: Bryce Harper. He’s been the more hyped of the two, and nothing during Harper’s age-19 season suggests he’ll be anything other than a superstar.

Fantasy Baseball Strategy and Advice: Offseason Moves in Review

Ryan Pinheiro breaks down all of the offseason transactions, position by position, to get you caught up before your draft in 2012.

Break up the Mets! Seriously.

It has been an ugly few years to be a Mets fan. Maybe not as bad as being a Royals or Pirates fan, but bad nonetheless. That’s why Evan Schwartz thinks the Mets getting back into contention this year might just be the worst thing that could possibly happen.