11 Things I Learned Last Night About Mixing Drinks, Giant Ice Cubes, and Unattainable Swag

Last night, our good friends at Captain Morgan invited us out for the Dallas tasting of their newest rum product: Captain Morgan Black. Here are a few lessons, tips, and other nuggets I learned during what turned out to be a most enjoyable evening.

Our Friends At Captain Morgan Are Releasing A Mobile Game

As you know, we here at MSF are friends with folks at Captain Morgan. Not only do we enjoy their rum when the occasion calls for it, responsibly of course, but they have provided us with a number of fun and interesting blogging opportunities over the years. And now they are setting sail into uncharted but exciting waters by releasing a mobile game.

A Captain’s Network Surprise All The Way From St. Croix

I just received a fun little gift in the mail, thanks to being one of the lucky few in “The Captain’s Network” of sports fans and bloggers. It seems that Captain Morgan recently opened up a new rum production facility, so they sent me one of the very first bottles ever produced there.

8 Great Super Bowl Party Recipes

Since food plays such a crucial role in your Sunday experience, Lindsey Perkins has compiled an assortment of mouthwatering recipes that are sure to make any Super Bowl party a hit.

5 Great Holiday Drink Ideas: Cocktail Recipes (and a Beer) for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve

Here are some new drink recipes (and a beer) to help guys quench their thirst, sound knowledgeable about their holiday spirits selection, and maintain masculinity at the same time during the upcoming holiday season. And after you’re done getting new ideas, please share your own favorite drink recipes as well.

As the NCAA Tournament will later tonight, the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge Names Its Champion

The Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge presented by Spike.com names its winner.

The Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge Presented by Spike.com Rolls On

As you know, MSF was one of 32 blogs given the privilege of competing in the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge Presented by Spike.com. Unfortunately, our official Morganette Erica lost in the first round of the the voting, so neither Griffin nor I will get to go to Las Vegas for the Elite 8. Boo to […]

Calling All Captains: Who Is The Sexiest Captain of All-Time?

Inspired by our current affiliation with the Captain Morgan BracketMaster Challenge, we decided to put Erica, the official MSF Morganette, to work by having her determine who would be on her list of the sexiest captains of all-time.

Introducing Erica, MSF’s Morganette in the Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge presented by Spike.com

MSF is joining 31 other sites in the Captain Morgan 2011 BracketMaster Challenge presented by Spike.com, beginning now and running through April 4. The official Morganette of MSF is Erica, who you will be getting to know well over the next few weeks.