The Total Sports Fan Experience: The Capital One Cup and FanFest

Keith Mullett already regaled you with tales of his visit to the Capital One Mascot Challenge, but the festivities didn’t end there, of course. There was still the Capital One FanFest activities, the Capital One Cup, and the game itself.

Capital One Mascot Challenge Winner – Nevada’s Wolfie Jr.

Keith was exuberant when, on behalf of Midwest Sports Fans and as a guest of Capital One, he was given an opportunity to attend the Capital One Bowl in Orlando. His first post about the experience details his journey to the Capital One Mascot Challenge Finals.

Sponsored Post: Support Goldy and Brutus in the Capital One Mascot Challenge!

I’m a sucker for a good contest, especially one set up with a round-robin regular season and then playoffs at the end. And now we can vote for which college mascot is the greatest.

Big Ten Bowl Projections | Buckeyes Rose Bowl Scenario

The Buckeyes have a not so outside shot at a rematch against USC with a Michigan State win at Penn State. If the Spartans do win, Ohio State couldn’t be happier going to the Rose Bowl for the first time since 1997 when they beat Jake “The Snake” Plummer’s Arizona State team 20-17.