San Francisco Giants Establish Themselves As Dynasty With Game 7 Win

With their 3-2 victory over the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday night, the San Francisco Giants have now won three World Series titles in the last five years and established themselves as the latest dynasty in American sports.

Would World Series Win Make the San Francisco Giants a Dynasty?

The Kansas City Royals tied the World Series 1-1 on Wednesday night with a 7-2 win over the San Francisco Giants. While the Royals proved that this year’s Fall Classic won’t be a walkover for the Giants, they are still a long way from knocking off the franchise that has won two of the last four World Series. If Kansas City can’t stop San Francisco, it is indisputable that the current crop of Giants would constitute a dynasty.

2013 All-Star Game: One man’s starting selections

Voting for the 2013 Major League All-Star Game ends Friday, and the starters, along with the rest of the American and National League squads, will be announced Saturday night. Fan voting for the ‘final man’ will be conducted next week, and additional players will earn bids to Citi Field as others inevitably pull out with injuries and other maladies.

Why Ryan Braun Will Not Win 2012 NL Most Valuable Player

In the final days of the season the NL MVP battle has slowly become a two-horse race between Ryan Braun and San Francisco catcher Buster Posey. Does Ryan Braun deserve 2012 Most Valuable Player consideration? The statistics say yes, but writers with opinions and agendas will say no.

Who’s Still In The Running For AL, NL MVP and Cy Young?

With that, time is running out for this year’s MVP and Cy Young Candidates to make cases for themselves. All four races look to be highly contested and full of tough decisions for voters. Let’s dive in and look at these races in each league.

Is A.J. Burnett the NL’s Comeback Player of the Year?

The Pittsburgh Pirates have been one of the best stories in a year full of Cinderellas. Andrew McCutchen is a leading MVP candidate, but a headline that’s rivaling “The Cutch” for the best of the Bucs is their resurgent ace and Comeback Player of the Year candidate, A.J. Burnett.

Mike Trout Has Stolen The Show, But Don’t Forget About Bryce Harper

Mike Trout’s numbers are nearly unheard of from anyone, let alone a rookie. But today I’m here to talk about the other star MLB rookie: Bryce Harper. He’s been the more hyped of the two, and nothing during Harper’s age-19 season suggests he’ll be anything other than a superstar.

The Top 10 MLB Pitcher/Hitter Combinations To Build Around

What current pitcher/hitter duo do you think is the best in Major League Baseball? Which duo would you most want to build a franchise around moving forward? Chris Callaway analyzes and answers both questions in this post.

Fantasy Baseball 2012 Strategy and Advice: Breaking Down in Tiers – Catchers

Jim McGrew begins his fantasy baseball series where he categorizes players into tiers: elite, valuable, solid, and at your own risk. Today we look at catchers.

Brian Sabean will probably be happy if Ty Cobb also never plays another game in the big leagues

Earlier this week, Giants GM Brian Sabean caused a stir with his strong comments about the Marlins’ Scott Cousins, whose slide into home plate resulted in Buster Posey being injured for the rest of 2011. Sabean probably would not like Ty Cobb very much.

2011 Catcher Primer: Strategy, Stock Watch, and more

Although there are some young up-and-coming names to keep an eye on, catcher remains a very thin position when it comes to proven impact bats. That is why the best catchers should be highly valued, due to the big drop off after the top catchers, and why you don’t want to overpay if you miss […]

Minor League Player Tracker – Level AAA (Hitters) for All Leagues

Be on the look out for these players to be called up June 1st or just after the arbitration clock gives teams 1 extra year. Brett Wallace should step into the Toronto 1b position as Lyle Overbay is hitting under .200.

Minor League Player Tracker – Updated April 22, 2010

Why wait until Friday when all the other owners in your leagues are waiting on the Hot Sheet to make their pickups in dynasty leagues? Jump in here on Thursday nights and beat the competition.

Fantasy Baseball: Minor League Player Tracker – Week 1

This is the first installment of the Cooler Guy’s Minor League Player Tracker, a weekly column focusing on the top minor league prospects that are fantasy relevant.