Royal Rumble: Triple Threat Title Match Steals Show

Thanks to a Philadelphia crowd that sucked all the energy out of the Wells Fargo Center after Daniel Bryan was eliminated, the main event of the WWE’s Royal Rumble was a bit of a disappointment this year. However, the triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight championship that preceded it more than made up […]

WWE SummerSlam 2012 Preview and Predictions: Brock Lesnar v Triple H and WWE Championship Triple Threat

Every major title will be defended this weekend, which is crucial to a major show such as SummerSlam.

WWE Succeeding in Getting John Cena Over With the Fans Once Again

John Cena is without a doubt the most polarizing figure in the WWE. He has been a face character for years but has been routinely booed like a heel. Most of those booing do not have a personal problem with Cena the man, but rather with his character. He had been portrayed as “SuperCena,” and […]

Brock Lesnar’s Return to Main Event Status Was Not Earned

It is obvious that Brock Lesnar is capable of being a main event star, just as he was when he wrestled from 2002-2004. My only problem is that he gets to come right back to the company that he walked out on and is immediately given a feud against the current star of the company in John Cena.

Brock Lesnar: Is the Former “Next Big Thing” Now the Face of MMA?

Brock Lesnar has already proven to be “The Next Big Thing” and backed it up by winning the UFC heavyweight title after only four fights. Is Brock Lesnar also the face of MMA?

UFC 100: The Lines, The Predictions, The Article

The Ultimate Fighting Championship will be holding their 100th Pay Per View event this Saturday evening. The top fights on the cared include Frank Mir v Brock Lesnar and Georges St-Pierre vs Thiago Alves. MSF’s MMA expert Plough previews the predicts the headline fights.

MMA Roundup: Lesnar, Mir, Evans, Shamrock, Other Shamrock, Diaz and more

Man oh man, what a week it has been in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. Any week in which we have both Shamrock brothers in the news is a week I consider good…ish. Let’s start with the news from the reigning champions of MMA, the UFC. UFC 100 would be a huge event no matter what was on the card.

MMA Roundup: UFC 96 Preview, UFC 98 Mir-Lesnar Bout Canceled

MSF’s MMA expert Plough checks in with a preview of UFC 96, including breakdowns of the money lines and predictions. Who will win the Rampage Jackson v Keith Jardine fight? And what are the reasons behind the scheduled UFC 98 Mir-Lesnar bout being canceled? Find out here.

MMA: UFC 91 Review – Brock Lesnar Beats Randy Couture

Last night’s UFC 91 was a solid event. The card was basically built around Brock Lesnar Vs Randy Couture for the UFC Heavyweight Title, but if you watched the event you definitely got your money’s worth.