The NFL’s One Hit Wonders: Single Season & Super Bowl Outliers…With Songs To Match

Here are some of the greatest single-season performances by players who were never able to reach that level of success again in NFL history and a one-hit wonder tune to go along with each. Nonsensical? Probably. Fun? Absolutely.

Fantasy Football Thanksgiving Day Start Em, Sit Em Lineup Advice, Projections, and Roster Q&A

With three games on Thanksgiving Thursday I thought it might be helpful to do a special start/sit column for those games. So in this post I’ll do just that, providing analysis and recommendations for the key players you need to decide on before Turkey Day.

Fantasy Football Week 10 Waiver Wire Advice and Pickups

There are no teams on bye in Week 10, but don’t let that lull you into a false sense of security. The Texans, Colts, Saints, and Steelers are all on bye in Week 11. Don’t get caught snoozing; use this waiver wire pickup advice not just to improve your lineup for Week 10 but also to plan ahead for any lineup vacancies impending next week.

Fantasy Football Week 8 Injury Updates on Hillis, Johnson, Green-Ellis, Tolbert, Stafford, Wells, and more

So I’m going to be honest with you…I’ve kind of been focused on baseball this week. Don’t worry. I didn’t completely forget about football thought. Here’s your injury update for week 8!

Fantasy Football Week 8 Stock Report: Battle, Braylon UP; Murray, DJax DOWN

How I could have DeMarco Murray down this week after his big game last week; easy. Just look at Adrian Peterson’s stats after he set the NFL record for yards in a game. He scored 5 points. For more valuable nuggets of info like this, check out this week’s stock report.

Photo Story: Braylon Edwards Prepares for his Return to Cleveland

How is Braylon Edwards preparing for his return to Cleveland this weekend? Not surprisingly, by further alienating the fans of Cleveland. In this photo story, Jerod “welcomes” Braylon back to town on behalf of all Browns fans.

MNF Preview and Prediction: Minnesota Vikings (1-2) at New York Jets (3-1)

The 3-1 Jets host the 1-2 Vikings on Monday Night Football. As Griffin Gotta explain, there were already plenty of storylines before the Vikings traded for Randy Moss. The question now is, will the addition of Moss propel the Vikings to victory?

A call for mandatory, immediate DUI suspensions

The way the NFL, and other sports, treat DUIs is illogical and hypocritical when compared with how they treat performance-enhancing drugs. It’s time that DUIs were dealt with on a much less tolerant level than they are now.

The Pathetic Saga of Braylon Edwards: Drops, Delusions, Disorders, and Laughable Beards

Braylon Edwards once again could not resist making a petty turd out of himself, with his latest display of douchebaggery involving Dropsie taking yet another unnecessary shot at the city of Cleveland.

NFL Draft: Potential vs. Production

Everyone who is not a general manager of a professional team wishes they were a GM, regardless of the sport. So let’s all put our GM hats on and analyze one of the most important annual NFL draft debates: potential vs production.

Tuesday Link Dump: Brett Favre is Different Than Us but Braylon Edwards is Just a Tool

The link dump is getting posted early today, as I have some non-sports blogging stuff to attend to this afternoon. Still, if Brett Favre decides to retire after lunch, I promise I’ll be ready with a quick post. And speaking of Brett Favre, want to know the top 10 differences between him and us? Click […]

Tuesday Link Dump: Braylon “Dropsie” Edwards Doing What He Does Best

Featured in today’s link dump is MSF’s all-time favorite whipping boy: Braylon “Dropsie” Edwards, who is immortalized in a post by Major League Jerk doing what Braylon does best…dropping passes. Also, Charles Woodson is named AP DOY, why the best dunkers in college basketball seem to come from the small conferences, and a link to […]

Video: Braylon Edwards Drops TD Pass, Blames Lights

Last night, the Jets won and Braylon Edwards caught a TD pass, but the highlight of the night was yet another highlight reel drop from the man who became notorious for dropping footballs in Cleveland.

Rhianna Does What Browns Should Have Done in 2005: Reject Braylon

Browns fans who still hold a grudge against Braylon Edwards for his persistent case of the dropsies will delight in a recent report from the NY Post that Rhianna shot down Edwards’ overtures at a club.

Throwing a (Dawg) Bone to Eric Mangini

After reading a blurb this morning regarding talk that Eric Mangini is possibly softening his hardcore ways, I decided the time was right to at least try throwing a bone to the embattled Browns coach.