NFL Rumors: Vikings, Bill Parcells Marriage Would Not Make Sense

The Vikings do not need Bill Parcells. They shouldn’t even want him. Simple as that.

9 Perfectly-Timed Photo Examples Of Postgame NFL ‘Guy Love’

Quarterbacks and coaches meet midfield after every game to exhibit sportsmanship by congratulating eachother and wishing eachother luck moving forward. Sometimes pictures are taken of these moments that make it seem like a little bit more might be about to go on.

The 28 Funniest Gatorade Baths of All-Time

While the sentimental among us enjoy the Gatorade bath because it symbolizes the triumph of a team of men on the field of athletic battle and the ultimate moment of shared jubilation and respect between coach and player, I enjoy Gatorade baths for a far different reason. Pictures and videos of them can be laugh-lout-loud hilarious.

Angry Bill Parcells is furious with Mike Pereira

We’re starting a new fun and easy post series here on MSF: Angry Coaches. Quite simply, it will be pictures of angry coaches, posted whenever we run across ones we like. And who better to kick things off than The Cantankerous One himself, Bill Parcells.

Perfect Match: DJ Steve Porter + NFL Head Coaches = Sublime Mix Tape (Video)

From the same guy who brought us the incredible mixtape centered around the Allen Iverson “Practice?” press conference comes yet another incredible piece of work. What happens when you combine the talents of DJ Steve Porter with old school video of Mike Ditka, Bill Parcells, and Buddy Ryan, plus the infamous Herm Edwards, Jim Mora, […]

LOTD: Kansas City Chiefs GM the Best Job In Football Says Jason Whitlock

Today’s LOTD comes from Kansas City Star writer Jason Whitlock, who makes a compelling argument that the Kansas City Chiefs GM job is the best job in the NFL. Scott Pioli will interview in Kansas City, and is still a top candidate to be Browns GM.

Browns Banter: Rumors Swirl That Bill Parcells May Be Interested in Coming to Cleveland

Rumors have begun to pick up a little bit of steam that Bill Parcells could be interested in coming to Cleveland to lead the Browns. Parcells can opt-out of his contract in Miami and is reported to have interest in the opening in Browns front office.