Is Louisville a contender for the BCS National Championship?

Behind the coaching of Charlie Strong and the elite quarterbacking of Teddy Bridgewater, Louisville has emerged from the shadows of a feeble American Athletic Conference and propelled itself into the national spotlight.

Teddy BridgewaterSitting at 3-0, the seventh-ranked Cardinals have gained recognition from across the nation as a potential contender for the 2013 BCS National championship.

College Football 2013: The 10 must-watch games of the season

The 2013 College football season is almost upon us. Here is a look at the 10 games you absolutely must watch this season.

By the Numbers: Why the College Football Bowl Season is the Most Boring Postseason in Sports

Year after year, I get overwhelmed with enthusiasm when college football season gets here. And yet, every single year, I always find myself disappointed at the season’s end. Not because the college football year has ended, but because of the travesty known as “bowl season” was far from entertaining.

Notre Dame-Alabama BCS Title Game Preview and Prediction

Tonight, the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame will attempt to prove that their 12-0 record and No. 1 rankings are no fluke against what could be the makings of a dynasty in the second-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

Here’s How To Fix College Football’s Broken Postseason System

Notre Dame will face a top SEC team in the BCS National Championship Game. Yawn. Rectifying college football’s meaningless postseason, and making it halfway as exciting as March is for hoops, is easy, however.

SEC Having 6 Teams in BCS Top 10 Not as Impressive as it Looks

I confess my belief that the Southeastern Conference is the strongest in college football. But (and this is what will get me in trouble in my adopted home state of Tennessee), the SEC isn’t nearly as good as the BCS Standings suggest.

The Factual Case for Notre Dame in the BCS Title Game

There is absolutely no way that you can objectively say that this Notre Dame team is worse than Oregon or Kansas State. Jon Washburn explains why.

BCS Bettor’s Guide: BCS Bowl Game Picks, Point Spreads, Lock Pick, Over-Unders and TV Schedule

The BCS bowl games are coming up after the New Year’s Day NFL games Sunday, with the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl kicking things off Monday. Here is a quick preview of the BCS bowl games with picks and current point spreads, plus the complete TV schedule.

College Football Bowl Game TV Schedule and Point Spreads

Are there bowl games that are going to be more entertaining than others? Of course, but Tyler Juranovich really recommend you to try to watch as many of them as possible. Here is the complete bowl game TV schedule, including the spreads for each game.

College Football Playoff: Hypothesizing A 16-Team Tourney

Every season in college football there is always a strong demand for a playoff, and this year it might be one of the strongest ever. If college football had a playoff, this is how it might look this season.

More BCS BS: Michigan State, get ready to be disrespected again…

Why are the Michigan Wolverines likely headed for the Sugar Bowl while the Michigan State Spartans are headed for the Outback?

Why Oklahoma State, not Alabama, Should Play in the BCS Title Game

In these finals hours before all the ballots are cast for the polls that will determine which team finishes second in the final BCS standings and gets the opportunity to face LSU in January 9’s National Championship Game, I figured I’d make a last-minute case for Oklahoma State, whom I feel deserves that #2 spot.

Anyone want free tickets to the BCS National Championship Game?

A friend of mine passed along this note to me yesterday, but I forgot to post about it. Seeing as how the Big Ten Championship Game is tomorrow though, I figured I better get something out now or else I’d have forever kept this useful information from all of the loyal Naptown denizens who frequent MSF.

Alabama-LSU Rematch Should Decide BCS National Championship Regardless of What Happens This Weekend

If the BCS is supposed to pit the two best teams in the nation against each other in the national championship game, then this year, it will have worked if LSU and Alabama end up meeting to decide the BCS National Championship.

12 Things We Learned Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Josh Tinley’s regular Things I Learned This Weekend post is a day late, but it most certainly is not a dollar short. In fact, Josh added a few extra things to compensate for his tardiness.