NBA Playoffs: Eastern Conference preview and predictions

The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday afternoon after another highly entertaining basketball season. Here are the first round matchups, previews and predictions for the Eastern Conference.

Video: David West throws perfect, buzzer-beating pass to Gerald Green

Last night’s Game 2 between the Pacers and the Hawks was relegated to NBA TV. So those with basic cable missed this David West-to-Gerald Green Hail Mary at the end of the third quarter.

I Love This Deal: Brooklyn Nets Trade For Joe Johnson

In a blockbuster trade, the Brooklyn Nets have agreed in principle to trade the expiring contracts of five players and a future first-round pick, lottery-protected in 2013 via Houston, to acquire Atlanta Hawk guard Joe Johnson. I love this deal.

The Top 6 Most Futile Pro Sports Teams

Howard Alperin counts down the five professional sports franchises with the most futile histories. If you are a fan of any of these teams…we apologize.

NBA Playoffs: Boston Celtics vs Atlanta Hawks Preview and Prediction

NBA rules make it so a fifth seed with a better record than the fourth seed get homecourt advantage, and as the Hawks own a one game lead over the Celtics, they get to open in Atlanta.

NBA Trade Rumors: Dwight Howard From Orlando Magic To The…Atlanta Hawks?

The Dallas Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers and New Jersey Nets are still the three preferred destinations for Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard if the team decides to trade him. But would Howard be willing to go to his hometown of Atlanta if the Hawks offered the right package?

NBA Trade Rumors: Josh Smith From Atlanta Hawks To Boston Celtics? (Probably Not)

Danny Ainge has apparently been working to try and pry forward Josh Smith away from the Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks reportedly are willing to part with Smith, but they won’t just give him away for expiring contracts.

The NBA Morning After: Nice Pairings Edition

Some of the Atlanta Hawks put up some ridiculous numbers in their 116-101 win over the New Jersey Nets.

The NBA Morning After: Glass Half Empty Edition

The Morning After is a look at the night that was in the NBA along with other NBA-related fodder. NBA to New Orleans: “All your Hornets are belong to us.”

Lakers/Cavs Finals? Think Again! (Part 2-The Cleveland Story)

We saw the anticipation last season for a Cavs/Lakers NBA Finals. Who didn’t want that to happen? Sad thing is, it didn’t. And guess what? Here are three reasons why it might not happen…again…from a Cleveland perspective.