The Greek Freak blows up? A hypothetical NBA midseason tournament

This week NBA Commissioner Adam Silver floated the idea of a mid-season single-elimination NBA Tournament.

What is not to like about that idea?

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Kansas fan Drew Lange provides a window into his National Championship Game viewing experience with this Kentucky-Kansas running diary.

Kansas-Kentucky Commentary: I’m Rooting For Kansas…But Find It Strangely Hard To Hate These Wildcats

As easy as my rooting interest in tonight’s game was to determine as soon as the matchup was set, I have to admit something that I never really thought I’d be admitting: I find it strangely hard to hate these Kentucky Wildcats.

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In this post, we preview the South Region’s 1-16 matchup between tournament favorite Kentucky and the comeback kids from Western Kentucky.

2012 SEC Tournament Preview, Prediction, Bracket, and TV Schedule

After Kentucky posted a perfect conference record and won the SEC by six games, it will be interesting to see if anyone in the league can challenge them when the SEC Tournament begins in New Orleans on Thursday. With the Wildcats already locked into a one seed, that may be one of the only points of intrigue in the event.

The Bottoms Line: SEC Season Preview, Predictions, POY Pick, and All Conference Team

With the 2011-12 basketball season just weeks away, it’s time to preview the SEC and make some picks and predictions for the upcoming season, including the conference champion and player of the year.