Vote: Which Way Of Getting Tackled Would Hurt More?

Every week in the NFL there are painful hits, collisions, and falls. This post includes animated GIFs of two of the most painful-looking tackles from Week 11. My question to you: which way of getting tackled would hurt more?

LOLCubs: Bleacher Bum treats fellow fan’s beer like Randy Johnson treats low-flying birds

Apropos of absolutely nothing, I present to you the following animated GIF of a Cubs fan destroying a fellow fan’s beer in spectacular fashion.

Enough about LeBron…it’s time for some Game 5 GIFs!

One of the myriad ways that the Interwebs complement watching sporting events is the certainty that anything caught on camera that could possibly be construed sexually will be immortalized forever in animated GIF format. After Game 5 of the NBA Finals, the Interwebs did not disappoint.

The 10 Funniest Dancing GIFs of All Time!

Today, Jerod ran across a post at Funny or Die entitled “The 120 Best Dancing GIFs of All Time!” While all of them are compelling in their own way, 10 in particular stood out among the rest for him. The top 10 are re-posted here for your amusement.

Animated GIF Face-Off: Yankee Pride v The Hansen Block

Two GIFs will enter; one will win, one will lose, but everyone who reads this post will be a champion because there will be hearty laughs had by all.