Beginning Baseball: Photo Diary of MSF Writer Shenanigans in Milwaukee

What happens when MSF writers get together for a baseball game? Amanda shares a picture diary of last weekend’s events in Milwaukee. Let the shenanigans begin!

MSF Misadventures: How Many MSF Writers Does It Take to Assemble a Grill?

Editor’s note: Yesterday, Chris submitted a very useful and thorough post outlining five tips for the perfect baseball tailgate. The timing was perfect because a group of MSF writers – Chris, Amanda, Tyler, Drew, and Kurt – are meeting up for this weekend’s Milwaukee-Minnesota series. And they will be, of course, tailgating. And to tailgate, […]

Beginning Baseball: A Season of Lessons From the Tumbling Twins

Welcome back to another season of Beginning Baseball! Yes, Amanda is aware the season started in April, and this ‘welcome back to baseball’ is overdue. She explains her tardy arrival and how she is making sense of the Twins struggles in 2012.

Midwest…Romance Fans?

If I asked you to start listing out romantic cities, how long would it take you to get to the Midwest? And would you ever get to La Crosse, Wisconsin? If not, you’d be quite misguided according to RedBox.

NFC North Report: Sad Day in Green Bay and Conference Championship Game Previews

Tonight your NFC North experts Drew Lange, Tyler Juranovich, Chris Callaway, and myself will talk about the upsets last week (even if we’d rather just forget a horrible loss) and preview this weekend’s upcoming Conference Championship games.

NFC North Report: Week 16 Edition

Tonight, the Week 16 edition of the NFC North Report will take place, hosted as always by MSF’s fun, football-loving quartet of Amanda Lawson, Drew Lange, Chris Callaway, and Tyler Juranovich. If you haven’t been listening to their weekly breakdown of all things Packers, Bears, Lions, and Vikings, you really should start. Why not tonight?

Green Bay Packers Stock Sale: Magic Date and Details Announced For Packers Fans

Earlier today, the Green Bay Packers announced the details of the team’s 5th stock sale. All you crazy Cheeseheads, pay close attention.

NFL Power Rankings Week 5 – “Drunk Girls Alone At The Bar” Edition

In this week’s NFL Power Rankings, Drew Lange ranks every team from 1-32, explains his reasoning for not liking teams adding pink to their uniforms during October, and provides useful advice about drunk girls alone at bars.

Beginning Baseball: The Twins and Summer Tubing

Amanda Lawson has come to the conclusion that the Twins season has been much like a tube ride behind the boat. Sound confusing? Well let her break it down for you.

Beginning Baseball: My First Twins Game at Target Field

Last week Amanda Lawson caught her first Minnesota Twins game at Target Field. Did it live up to expectations. Take a look!

Beginning Baseball: Three Expectations for My First Game at Target Field

Amanda Lawson has been waiting for the opportunity to watch the Twins play at home since I started following them earlier this year. In this short, light post, she highlights her expectations for this weekend’s experience.

We’ve located Amanda Lawson’s dream date, and his shirtless body is truly divine

I am currently efforting to find out this man’s name and phone number so that I can provide it to Amanda, who surely will be begging him for a date.

Beginning Baseball: Breaking Down the Twins’ Biggest Rivals

As a new baseball fan, Amanda Lawson was excited to find out who the Twins’ biggest rival was. And one day there was a comment on Twitter that made her think twice about her initial perception.

The Inaugural Away From the Action Podcast

Josh Tinley’s “Away From the Action” column is now available in podcast form. In this first episode, Josh talks with Amanda Lawson about her Beginning Baseball column, the Twins, Harmon Killebrew, and the NFL lockout and its effect on her coverage of the Packers.

Photo Diary: My CuervoGames 2011 Kickoff Adventure

What exactly are the CuervoGames, you ask? They are a man’s fantasy playground. But don’t worry ladies–there is room for you at the CuervoGames. Welcome to my tequila adventure. Welcome to my tequila adventure!