Video: Yoenis Cespedes does it again with incredible throw

Let me perform a quick public service for all Major League Baseball baserunners out there: Don’t run on Yoenis Cespedes. Ever. Under any circumstances.

What is Albert Pujols thinking now?

Could Albert Pujols have been part of this postseason if he was still playing with the St. Louis Cardinals?

Why Josh Hamilton May Be a Downgrade For The Angels

You probably think I’m crazy don’t you? How on Earth can Josh Hamilton – the man with talent seemingly on loan from God – be a downgrade for the Angels? Because I’m evaluating this from a purely logical standpoint.

Has the Alex Rodriguez Signing Been Good or Bad for the Yankees?

A-Rod was probably the best hitter in baseball when the Yankees signed him to a record contract. With Rodriguez now banged up and not producing nearly as much for the 2nd straight year, it’s time to ask: has it been a successful signing?

Mike Trout Has Stolen The Show, But Don’t Forget About Bryce Harper

Mike Trout’s numbers are nearly unheard of from anyone, let alone a rookie. But today I’m here to talk about the other star MLB rookie: Bryce Harper. He’s been the more hyped of the two, and nothing during Harper’s age-19 season suggests he’ll be anything other than a superstar.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Contenders or Pretenders?

Currently holding a very respectable 45-37 record, Los Angeles is five games behind the dominant Rangers, who have the best record in the MLB. Can the Angels close the gap? Zach has an answer that might surprise you.

Josh Hamilton Needs To Do Himself a Favor and Stay In Texas

Josh Hamilton’s struggles are what make people root for him. He’s just like us in that regard. Which is why he cannot forget where he has come from. So his latest comments regarding his future as a Major League baseball player befuddle me.

Video: Albert Pujols Angrily Throws Glove at Erick Aybar

Erick Aybar apparently doesn’t understand the famous Albert Pujols Intensity yet. If he did, he clearly would not have participated in such tomfoolery as smacking Pujols in his elbow/foreman rather than his hand during the postgame High 5 line.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Bryce Harper, Drew Smyly…and $350 Freeroll Tournament!

All week long I have been telling you about Friday’s freeroll tournament with a $350 prize pool. Well, it’s now Friday. So get ready to enter, and for good measure here are a few handy picks to keep in mind.

Call to the Bullpen Podcast: Besmirching the All-Star Game and April’s Best and Worst

Major League Baseball has already opened up voting for the All-Star game, which has whipped me into a frothy dander. Listen in if you want to listen to me tear down everything about the All-Star Game.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Albert Pujols, Justin Masterson, Brandon Morrow, and more

Another day, another opportunity to make some dough playing daily fantasy baseball. Let’s go over a few picks after we talk tournaments.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Albert Pujols, Yovani Gallardo, AJ Burnett, Andre Ethier, and more

After a short hiatus to recharge and refocus, and to let the decision-making sample sizes get a little bit larger, I’m back with more daily picks. Albert Pujols is involved…but is he a guy to play or to sit?

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Max Scherzer, Adam Dunn, Adam Wainwright, ARod, and more

After yesterday’s picks were such a success, Jerod considered dropping the mic and walking off stage. Can it really get any better? Here he is to give it another shot.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Stephen Strasburg, Nick Swisher, Howie Kendrick, and more

It’s time for another round of daily fantasy baseball picks, which I enjoyed doing so much last week that I’ve decided to continue this week. Among today’s picks: Stephen Strasburg, Nick Swisher, and Howie Kendrick, plus many others.

Fantasy Baseball Daily Picks: Kendrys Morales, Adrian Beltre, and Others for April 11th

For you daily fantasy baseball players, here are a handful of guys I really like and a handful of guys I don’t like for April 11th based on matchups, recent trends, ballpark, or a mix of all three.