Lane Kiffin agrees to become Alabama’s offensive coordinator

At this point it’s safe to say that Lane Kiffin must be a really good interviewer. On Friday afternoon rumors began to circulate that Kiffin and Alabama had come to an agreement that would make him the team’s new offensive coordinator. I have talked to a source that claims a deal isn’t yet done, but it is being worked on right now. That fits with what ESPN has reported.

The top 5 current dynasties in sports

After seeing the 38-17 dismantling of LSU on Saturday, Alabama remains the undisputed top team in college football. The Crimson Tide have carried over their form from game to game and year to year for a good while now.

Green Bay Packers: Eddie Lacy expected to start at running back

Despite reports that rookie Eddie Lacy looked out of shape early in training camp, the Alabama product is now expected to be the team’s starting running back when the season opens.

5 Must-See Week One College Football Games

The first weekend of college football is not historically loaded with must-see matchups. This year, however, there are a handful of games that will be worth setting aside time to watch.

Creighton-Alabama Preview: Analysis, Prediction, Date and TV Tip Time, Point Spread, and Tickets

In this post, we preview the Midwest Region’s 8-9 matchup between the Creighton Fighting McDermotts of the Missouri Valley Conference and the Alabama “Yes We Play Basketball Too” Crimson Tide of the SEC.

8-9 Matchup Analysis: 8-9 “Upsets” in NCAA Tournament Ranked in Order of Likelihood

Andy Bottoms rounds out his upset rankings by looking at the 8-9 games. And yes, he knows those aren’t really “upsets.”

The Bottoms Line College Basketball Podcast: Whither Duke, UCONN, and Alabama?

In episode #21 of The Bottoms Line College Basketball Podcast, host Andy Bottoms is once again joined by Troy Machir of Ballin’ Is a Habit to discuss all the latest news and events in college basketball.

Bottoms Line College Basketball Stock Watch: Crediting Cronin Edition

It’s hard to believe that Selection Sunday is now less than two months away, and the bubble watch will soon be in full effect. In the meantime, there continues to be a lot of movement thanks to the general inability of teams to win away from home. With that in mind, here are this week’s risers and fallers.

Bottoms Line College Basketball Stock Watch: ‘Sic ‘Em Bears’ Edition

After another week of college basketball that featured exciting finishes, confounding losses, and clutch performances, Andy Bottoms looks at five teams on the rise and five teams on the decline.

LSU-Alabama: BCS National Championship Game Quick Preview, Point Spread, Prediction, and Poll

The rematch between the two top defensive squads in America, LSU and Alabama, will decide the BCS national championship game tonight in New Orleans.

BCS Bettor’s Guide: BCS Bowl Game Picks, Point Spreads, Lock Pick, Over-Unders and TV Schedule

The BCS bowl games are coming up after the New Year’s Day NFL games Sunday, with the Rose Bowl and Fiesta Bowl kicking things off Monday. Here is a quick preview of the BCS bowl games with picks and current point spreads, plus the complete TV schedule.

The Bottoms Line College Basketball Stock Watch

Andy Bottoms learns something new each week from watching college basketball. For instance, this week he learned Marquette coach Buzz Williams’ fashion sense is questionable at best. He also learned about some teams and conferences, including the uncharacteristic defensive struggles of Purdue, which he shares in this week’s stock watch.

11 Examples of Nick Saban Stepping Over Things He Shouldn’t

If Nick Saban could step right over a player who is convulsing and puking with his eyes rolled back in his head, what wouldn’t he step over? With just a little bit of Internet sleuthing, Jerod was unable to uncover some other curious step-over decisions made by Saban.

Why Oklahoma State, not Alabama, Should Play in the BCS Title Game

In these finals hours before all the ballots are cast for the polls that will determine which team finishes second in the final BCS standings and gets the opportunity to face LSU in January 9’s National Championship Game, I figured I’d make a last-minute case for Oklahoma State, whom I feel deserves that #2 spot.

The Bottoms Line: College Basketball Stock Watch

After another exciting week of college hoops, Andy Bottoms takes a look at which teams are on the rise and which ones are struggling to get out of the gate.