The 10 best picks from the 2013 NFL Draft

It’s easy to look at a draft immediately after it ends and declare a “winner” and “loser” because none of those draft picks have ever played a game. Now that those players have a full season under their belts (and with the 2014 draft right around the corner), it is a much better time to look at the outgoing rookie class and try to figure out which were the best picks.

Dee Milliner: New York Jets bench rookie corner for second time this season

When the New York Jets drafted cornerback Dee Milliner with the ninth pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, they expected the Alabama product to replace the departed Darrelle Revis in their secondary. While he’s still just a rookie and has plenty of time to figure things out, Milliner has not been the kind of plug-and-play guy the Jets thought they were getting.

Green Bay Packers: Eddie Lacy expected to start at running back

Despite reports that rookie Eddie Lacy looked out of shape early in training camp, the Alabama product is now expected to be the team’s starting running back when the season opens.

Geno Smith reportedly has “diva attitude”

Grab some popcorn and settle in kids, this Geno Smith story just keeps getting better and better. While Smith is blaming his now-former agents for his big tumble in the NFL draft, several NFL sources have now claimed the West Virginia quarterback’s attitude led to his fall.

Detroit Lions 2013 NFL Draft breakdown

In recent years, general manager Martin Mayhew and the Detroit Lions have used the draft philosophy of taking the best player available, and for the most part, it has paid off. But following the departure of Cliff Avril, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Lawrence Jackson, and Sammie Hill, it was clear that the Lions needed to reload […]

Green Bay Packers draft addresses some needs, but not all

With the NFL draft now complete several things have become clear: the Packers’ coaching staff feels a lot better about the middle of its defense than the pundits do, and that they are finally planning to pay more than just lip service to the team’s running game. After being exposed on defense in the playoffs […]

2013 NFL Draft first-round analysis

The opening round of the 2013 NFL Draft was rather unique. From the onset, it was evident that quite a few teams were placing premiums on defense and linemen. Only two offensive skill players were taken in the first 20 picks. It was also the first time since 1963 that a running back wasn’t selected […]

Defense leads list of Green Bay Packers draft needs

With the NFL Draft starting tonight, the story of the Green Bay Packers’ future success is about to be written. For a team like the Packers that eschews free agency and builds almost exclusively through the draft, the next three days are vitally important in rebuilding a once dominant defense. A defense that has let […]

Packers draft strategy: In Ted We Trust

If there’s anything Green Bay Packers fans have learned about the NFL Draft process, it’s to trust Ted Thompson.