March Madness 2012 Bracket Predictions

For the fourth straight year, Jerod is posting instant, statistically-based NCAA Tournament predictions immediately after the brackets are announced. This year, his March Madness bracket prediction system is based on Four Factors data culled from

South Region: Tickets and Bracket Breakdown for South Regional

Here is a quick South Regional Bracket Breakdown, showing the location and dates of the South Regional, links for tickets, and the entire East Regional bracket.

March Madness: NCAA Tournament Brackets and TV Schedule

March Madness 2012 steps up yet another notch today. Not too long from now, Greg Gumbel and the CBS boys will start revealing the brackets for the 2012 NCAA Tournament. We’ll have it covered quicker than anyone right here.

March Madness: NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch – Who’s In? Who’s Out?

This is not an opinion of teams that I feel necessarily deserve to get into the 2012 NCAA Tournament, but whether such teams will actually get the call shortly after 6 PM Eastern Time today.

March Madness: When Are The NCAA Tournament Brackets Announced? What TV Channel Is The Selection Show On?

It’s here! Finally, 11 long months since last year’s NCAA Championship Game ended, we are ready for yet another NCAA Tournament. Today is Selection Sunday, when the NCAA Tournament brackets are officially unveiled.

March Madness 2012: Printable Brackets, Selection Sunday Schedule, and Guinness (Brilliant!)

The March Madness 2012 edition of Selection Sunday is quickly approaching. Are you ready? Have your printable brackets? Get ready here.

NCAA Tournament 2012 Schedule, Dates, Sites, and Tickets

With Selection Sunday now just two weeks away, teams around the country will soon be learning of their NCAA Tournament fate and destination. That also means fans will start making plans to see their teams in person or at a minimum concocting excuses to miss work for March Madness. We here at MSF support both of these endeavours and pride ourselves on being able to provide all the information you need about the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament to support either one, including the schedule, site, and ticket information.

March Madness 2012: NCAA Tournament Announcing Teams Released

Today we found out who the announcing teams will be for the 2012 edition of March Madness. There is no Gus, no Bilas, and no Dakich, but at least we still have Bill Raftery!

When Is Selection Sunday? (And Other Key March Madness 2012 Dates)

When is Selection Sunday? When do all the conference tournaments start? What does the complete March Madness 2012 schedule look like? What is Jerod’s favorite funny picture of a college basketball coach? He answers all of these pertinent questions here.