The Midwest Sports Fans MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by Generational Equity: Rules and Information

The MSF team could not be more excited about our newest feature for 2011: our MLB Trivia Challenge Podcast sponsored by Generational Equity.

The genesis for the idea came a few weeks back during a Eureka! moment while I was getting my morning workout in.

I had the TV tuned to ESPN2, and Jayson Stark joined Mike & Mike for some baseball talk. He led it off with a trivia question (“Other than Chase Utley, what active 2nd basemen have driven in 100 runs in a season?”) that I then spent the next 5 or so minutes racking my brain to answer. I did get it right – Robinson Cano, Dan Uggla, and Aaron Hill – and realized how much I enjoyed trying to come up with the answer while listening to Mike, Mike, and Jayson banter back and forth about it.

And I realized that it would make one heck of a fun podcast here at MSF. Fortunately, the fine folks at Generational Equity stepped up to sponsor it, Chili’s came through with gift certificates for individual challenge winners, and Ari agreed to be our researcher and question asker. (Something tells me he and Jayson Stark could have some fun together.)

mlb-trivia-challengeOn this page, I’ll explain all the rules and information you need to know about the 2011 MLB Trivia Challenge.

The challenge will span the entire 2011 season and will culminate with one loyal, hard-working, baseball-loving listener winning an iPad and a season-long subscription to for 2012.

You can follow and subscribe to automatically receive updates here:

This page details how it works.

MLB Trivia Challenge sponsored by Generational Equity Overview

We will be posting a new MLB Trivia Challenge podcast every other Thursday beginning on April 21st. Here is the debut episode!

During each of our podcasts, Ari will be asking Jerod and that week’s guest between 5-10 MLB trivia questions. They will then try their best to come up with answers to these questions while having some fun talking baseball along the way. The answers are not given during the podcast. Jerod and the guest come up with a “final answer” that is neither confirmed nor denied by Ari.

Why? Because we don’t want to take away the fun of answering the questions for yourself. Accompanying the podcast each week right here at MSF will be the trivia questions, embedded in the post in quiz format.

You can use the answers by Jerod and our guests as a guide to help you narrow down your answers, but ultimately it is up to you to find the right answers. The difference is that while we are going off the top of our head and not using the power of Google, you are free to take as much time as you wish to find the answers. It’s an open-web quiz, if you will.

TAKE NOTE: Make sure that you use the same UserID each week – it’s how we’ll be tallying the results for the grand prize, which will be given to the person who answers the most questions correctly over the course of the season.

TAKE NOTE: Only your first submission will be counted, and some questions ask for answers to be submitted in very specific ways (i.e. in alphabetical order, comma separated, etc.). And spelling counts for all questions.

TAKE NOTE: After the each question it tells you how many words your answer should be. Pay attention to this!

TAKE NOTE: Each week there will be a bonus question from the podcast so we can reward those of you who take the time to listen, which we greatly appreciate.

Weekly Winners

While everyone will be competing for the grand prize over the course of the season, there will be winners chosen each week as well.  From the date each trivia challenge is posted, you have one week to submit your answers to be eligible for the weekly prize.

Quizzes will be scored as followed: each answer is worth one point. You either get it all right or all wrong. One point or zero. Each quiz is then tallied up. In the case of a tie, a winner will be drawn at random.

And what will our weekly prize winners get? A $20 gift certificate to Chili’s*, which is perfect for a Chili’s Lunch Break.

Weekly winners can go bold with the new six-dollar lunch break combo at Chili’s. Choose a house made soup or salad and then pick a half Texas Toast sandwich like the Southwestern BLT smothered in cilantro lime mayo.

See all the great Lunch Break combos at

On the following Thursday at 11:59 pm CT, that quiz is closed for the weekly prize (but you can go back and do any quiz at any time to count for the grand prize.)

Grand Prize Winner

The grand prize, as I mentioned, is an iPad and a year-long subscription to for 2012.

The grand prize winner will be chosen by tallying up the overall weekly scores for each participant. Whoever answers the most questions correctly through the end of the season wins; it’s that simple And in the case of a tie, we’ll have a special tie-breaking quiz, probably in a special do-or-die podcast.

Pretty simple and straight forward. Ultimately, the goal here is to have some fun, talk some baseball, and teach everyone a little bit about the game’s rich history. And we thank the fine folks at Generational Equity in Dallas for sponsoring the show and giving us the opportunity to do so.

If you have questions about how the MLB Trivia Challenge will work, feel free to email jerod [at] midwestsportsfans [dot] com and I’ll be happy to answer them.

* – Chili’s gift certificates good in U.S. only.