Video: Amazing Full Court Buzzer-Beater Keeps Indiana High School Hoops Team Alive in State Tournament

On Friday night, in the semi-final round of the Lafayette Jefferson sectional tournament in Class 4A, another miraculous basketball moment bounced its way into the rich history and tradition that is Indiana high school basketball.

This Week in Social Media Nonsense: Green Bay Packers Cheerleader Belittled by Internet Idiots

Yet another example of people on social media who need to get a grip. This week the target was former Green Bay Packers cheerleader Kaitlyn Collins.

Introducing “Creepy Library Guy”

As soon as I saw this picture, I burst out laughing thanks to my brain being warped by the Internet. So I asked Nick if I could take a stab at turning it into a meme. He acquiesced. Thus, I present to you: Creepy Library Guy.

A Glimpse into the World of Pelada – Brazilian Street Soccer

It’s pretty common to see a group of guys playing a pick-up game wherever there’s a set of basketball hoops around the U.S. In other countries, where basketball may not reign supreme, soccer is more often the pick-up game of choice. In Brazil, it’s called “pelada.”


Because I’m a giant dork, this is my favorite image from NFL Week 13: when Broncos wide receiver Matt Willis was photographed standing next to running back Willis McGahee.

The 10 Greatest NFL End Zone Celebrations Of All-Time

This post is a toast to the players who have made our NFL Sundays more enjoyable and entertaining through their charisma and creativity. Here is the definitive list of the 10 greatest end zone celebrations…ever.

Vote: Which Way Of Getting Tackled Would Hurt More?

Every week in the NFL there are painful hits, collisions, and falls. This post includes animated GIFs of two of the most painful-looking tackles from Week 11. My question to you: which way of getting tackled would hurt more?

4 Of The All-Time Best “Excessive” Endzone Celebrations

My wife doesn’t understand how it is okay for the players to dance around individually, but they are not allowed to do any multi-player/team celebrations. Come to think of it, neither do I. Here are four of the all-time best “excessive” endzone celebrations.

Joe Paterno: No longer college football’s “Immortal”

I was all ready for bed; then I saw the front page of, and the spectacular juxtaposition of images jarred me to the point of one more post. I’ll just let the screenshot below speak for itself before I comment:

Go ahead…shoot a 3…I dare you.

Jerod has no idea where this picture comes from, or whose toilet/bathroom setup this is…he just knows that he must have it.

Fantasy football dilemma: should this outrageous (but hilarious) trade be allowed to stand?

Upon first glance you might think that Adrian Peterson for Steven Jackson is a pretty fair deal. But look closer. Now what do you think?

Is this the most unintentionally hilarious page layout in newspaper history? (Or just a clever ad…?)

Attention: we interrupt today’s trade deadline rumblings and grumblings to bring you a brief moment of comic relief. Behold, the most unintentionally hilarious page layout in newspaper history.

Video: Simply one of the greatest sports news bloopers…ever

I won’t waste much time setting this up, because I don’t want to kill the punchline; you simply have to watch it.

The 10 Funniest Dancing GIFs of All Time!

Today, Jerod ran across a post at Funny or Die entitled “The 120 Best Dancing GIFs of All Time!” While all of them are compelling in their own way, 10 in particular stood out among the rest for him. The top 10 are re-posted here for your amusement.

Yet another “LOLCubs” moment at Wrigley

As you know, I take great enjoyment in anything that is disparaging to the Chicago Cubs. Well here is another one. It’s a logo, located in the tunnel connecting the Cubs dugout to the clubhouse. And it’s upside down.