The Boston Marathon Tragedy

It seems as if we are talking about some sort of horrific tragedy every couple of weeks now. It feels like we are fighting a losing battle. It’s appalling to what torturous and despicable measures some men will go to inflict hatred on their own kind.

College Basketball Coach of the Year: The Final Five Candidates and Reader Poll

As we motor toward March Madness 2013, here are the leading candidates, listed alphabetically, for the top college basketball coach in 2012-2013.

XLVII Things You Might Not Know About the Super Bowl

No matter how closely you follow professional football, there are probably some tidbits from the storied history of the Super Bowl that you aren’t aware of. So, in honor of Super Bowl XLVII, here are 47 trivial Super Bowl facts that you may or may not be aware of.

Stan Musial Dead at 92 … The Primary Baseball Icon of the Midwest, ‘The Man’ Will Be Missed

A genial, sweet-swinging, unpretentious Midwestern icon, Stan “The Man” Musial will be missed by baseball fans everywhere.

Manti Te’o Deserves The Benefit of the Doubt … For Now

As a lifelong Notre Dame fan, hearing the news about Manti Te’o yesterday afternoon shocked me. I know what I want to believe, but I, like everyone else, still have questions.

The Manti Te’o Girlfriend Hoax: Sorting Through Fact, Conjecture, and Emotion To Find The Truth

As Manti Te’o, Notre Dame, and Catfish gain momentum in the national media, we are all left with more questions than answers.

Video: The Remarkable, Inspiring Story of Conner and Cayden Long – SI’s 2012 Sportskids of the Year

A friend just im’d me with the following message: “I don’t know how your day’s going, but if you reach a point where you need a solid ‘OMG THAT’S BEAUTIFUL’ cry, this is your video.” With a lead-in like that, how could I not stop what I was doing and watch? You should too.

Alabama and Nick Saban Are National Champions … Not Every Other School In The SEC

Alabama beat down the #1 ranked Fighting Irish in last night’s BCS Title Game. So…what’s this have to do with the SEC? Actually not a whole lot. But if you spent even five minutes on Facebook or Twitter last night, you were probably informed otherwise.

Revealing the Obvious Choices for the NFL’s Offensive ROY, MVP, and Coach of the Year

This year’s award races are among the tightest and most interesting in recent memory. So who really deserves each award? The answers are more obvious than you may think.

“Stormin’ Norman” Schwarzkopf

As 2012 closes, the general who commanded the U.S.-led coalition that liberated Kuwait and the Persian Gulf from Saddam Hussein’s wrath, died Thursday night at age 78. Norman Schwarkopf was considered bigger than life, yet could also relate to young soldiers, serving him well during highly successful Operation Desert Storm operations early in 1991. During the war, Schwarzkopf implemented the idea of The […]

Let’s Spend Less Time Debating Luck v RG3…and Simply Appreciate the Greatness of Both

Through 12 games, Andrew Luck is having one of the greatest seasons of any rookie QB in NFL history. A few hours East, Robert Griffin III is also having one of the greatest seasons a rookie QB has ever had. Can’t we just appreciate both without having to constantly compare/contrast them to one another?

Coach Rick Majerus, Dead at 64 of Heart Failure

The first day of December witnessed good college football and basketball, but will be most remembered for tragedy in the morning and evening. After learning that Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend then himself, we were informed legendary college basketball coach Rick Majerus had died of heart failure in Los Angeles.

Commentary: Chiefs-Panthers Game Should Not Be Played Tomorrow In Light of Jovan Belcher Tragedy

Will the Kansas City Chiefs and the National Football League go on with tomorrow’s scheduled game a day after the tragic murder/suicide involving Jovan Belcher? It would be wrong move.

Here’s How To Fix College Football’s Broken Postseason System

Notre Dame will face a top SEC team in the BCS National Championship Game. Yawn. Rectifying college football’s meaningless postseason, and making it halfway as exciting as March is for hoops, is easy, however.

The History of Football on Thanksgiving (And…Why Do We Always Have to Watch the Lions?)

Late Thursday morning, as families are preparing to begin a day of Thanksgiving gluttony, some young football fan will glance at the television and ask the question we’ve all asked at some point in our lives: “Why do the Lions always play for Thanksgiving?” Learn the answer to this question and much more in this post from Josh Tinley.