Would World Series Win Make the San Francisco Giants a Dynasty?

The Kansas City Royals tied the World Series 1-1 on Wednesday night with a 7-2 win over the San Francisco Giants. While the Royals proved that this year’s Fall Classic won’t be a walkover for the Giants, they are still a long way from knocking off the franchise that has won two of the last four World Series. If Kansas City can’t stop San Francisco, it is indisputable that the current crop of Giants would constitute a dynasty.

‘Every Street United’ Features Sick Soccer Skill From Around the Globe

Content Sponsored by AT&T Here are my two favorite elements of the World Cup: The entire globe comes together for one sporting event The incredible skill of the world’s best soccer players is on the display So how about if we combine the two into one fun feature? The XBOX show Every Street United does […]

Without a Custom Koozie, you’re not doing summer right

Summer is finally here after what seemed like a 10-month winter in the Midwest. For me, one of the best parts of summer is sitting outside, tailgating before a baseball game. If you’re tailgating, you’re going to need a beer in your hand and that means you’re going to need a koozie to keep that thing cold. We all have random koozies for teams or companies we don’t care about, but now there’s a website that will make you your own custom koozies, which is a perfect addition to the tailgating lifestyle.

Andrew McCutchen tells Pandas to get their act together in MLB 14 The Show commercial

Andrew McCutchen tells pandas to get their act together in new commercial for MLB 14 The Show.

Danny McBride stars in awesome MLB 14 The Show commercial

If there is one thing we can all agree on it’s that Danny McBride is awesome. And, frankly, so is baseball. With that said, the folks over at PlayStation sure know how to get us interested in a product.

Dropcam makes home monitoring easy and fun

When I received my Dropcam I really didn’t know what to do with it. I live along in an apartment, don’t have kids or pets, so why would I need to monitor my place? Then a friend had her apartment broken into and it was clear that everyone could use a home monitor.

AeroLife Energy gave me a big boost

I don’t know about you, but I am definitely not a morning person. Early in the day I’m often sluggish and need something to get me going. Whether it’s coffee or an energy drink I usually need a boost to get myself moving and focused in the morning. Thankfully, AeroLife Energy has come along and changed my routine.

PrimeSport offers great packages for Super Bowl Tickets

On Sunday evening the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos punched their tickets to Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey. If you want to join them there on February 2, you need to head over to PrimeSport.com and reserve one of their incredible Super Bowl packages.

Subway Boys In The Hall: Hall Of Fame Hopefuls Athlete: Jake Peavy, P, Boston Red Sox

SUBWAY is celebrating The Boys In The Hall , examining certain players and their candidacy for the Hall of Fame. Peavy is this week’s candidate.

Heineken Reminds Us All That ‘Legends Never Die”

One of the most memorable quotes from The Sandlot is that “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.” This summer, Heineken is putting a twist on what it takes to become that legend.

Dwight Howard Mentors Winner of ACUVUE 1-DAY Contest (Sponsored)

Last spring, thousands of teen submitted videos sharing their dreams for the chance to win a day with a celebrity mentor. Although Anthony lacked big muscles and perfect vision, he showed ACUVUE his passion for basketball and shared his hopes of playing college basketball one day. Anthony’s talent caught the eye of Dwight Howard, who set aside a full day to mentor Anthony.

Memphis Grizzlies Thriving With Security Provided by Mike Conley’s Steady Point Guard Play

Mike Conley struggled to fulfill expectations during his first several years in the league, but over the last three seasons he has settled into being the kind of security system that every good NBA team needs: a solid, steady point guard.

Video: Having Trouble Coming Up With Super Bowl Ad Copy? Better Call Saul…

Yes, this is a sponsored post. It also happens to be awesome, especially if you’re a Breaking Bad fan.

Kia Answers the Big Question in their Game Day Ad (Sponsored)

What do you do when your kid asks that one question every parent fears answering? If you’re the owner of a 2014 Kia Sorento Limited, you allow it to take you to imaginative, new horizons.

Sponsored Post: Get 40% Personalized NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB Phone Cases

Why go with boring, bland black case when you can customize your iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy SIII case with the logo of your favorite professional sports team?