The Anchor’s Desk: Video of Garrett Jones-Delwyn Young Catch Proves MLB Needs Better Replay

Delwyn Young and Garrett Jones teams up for an incredible catch last night, only to have the umps erroneously rule that the ball bounced. The video of the Jones-Young catch proves the MLB needs a better replay policy that is closer to the NFL’s.

The Anchor’s Desk: Random Thoughts After Watching the All-Star Game and President Barack Obama’s First Pitch

In the latest edition of The Anchor’s Desk, Scott Reister ruminates on the 2009 MLB All Star Game, which was won — again — by the American League.

The game featured President Barack Obama throwing out the first pitch to Albert Pujols, who was not usual dominating self this weekend in front of his home fans.

The Anchor’s Desk: The Gradual Sexification of Sports News

Scott Reister checks in with another edition of The Anchor’s Desk in which he describes the gradual sexification of sports and offers a surprising solution for the current issues plaguing the mainstream media. (And you can see part of the proposed solution there to your left…)

The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister: Never Too Early For Fantasy Football Talk

A year ago, Matt Forte was about as well known as you were when it came to NFL running backs. Now, he’s a first round fantasy football pick, possibly two overall. Picking young running backs like Matt Forte early has become a solid strategy for success.

The Anchor’s Desk: Brutal Fouls, Confusing Whistles, and High Ratings in Just Another NBA Postseason

Turns out when you mix great basketball with MMA, you’ve got some good ratings. The 2009 NBA Playoffs have been filled with hard fouls and violence, but also have gotten outstanding TV ratings and led to some infamously memorable moments.

The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister: The Absurity of the NFL Draft

Scott Reister checks in from his usual perch at The Anchor’s Desk to discuss the absurdity of the NFL Draft, and how the hype surrounding Kansas State QB Josh Freeman is a perfect example of hype and workout measurables trumping on-field production.

The Anchor’s Desk: Friday Night Lights Gets an “A” for Accuracy

A quarterback named McCoy. Someone named Landry. Sound like Texas football yet? Friday Night Lights the TV show provides a very believable (and excellent) prime-time sports soap opera.

The Anchor’s Desk: What to Watch For and How to Watch the 2009 NCAA Tournament

In this week’s Anchor’s Desk, Scott Reister discusses the best way to watch the NCAA Tournament as he espouses the wonderful qualities of March Madness On Demand. He also offers valuable tips and advice for picking your NCAA Tournament bracket.

The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister: How to Get Your Local Sports Anchor to Cover Your Team

Scott Reister, the Sports Director for KNDU-TV in Washington, contributes another edition of The Anchor’s Desk. Reister advises fans, coaches, and players of high school teams on how to get on the news with tips for getting their sports team covered.

The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister: Unanswered Questions will Dog ARod’s Image

Alex Rodriguez, the game’s future homerun king, tried to treat his steroid problem like a band-aid: rip it off fast, have it hurt badly now, and get over it. Except that strategy doesn’t work if you leave some unexplained ugliness.

The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister: Super Bowl not Super Enough to Change College Football Format

President Barack Obama has said that he supports a college football playoff, but what do the TV ratings say? Scott Reister checks in from the Anchor’s Desk to comparing the Super Bowl 43 TV ratings to the 2008-09 BCS TV ratings, and suggests that based on the ratings and yearly windfall of money brought by the current bowl system, a college football playoff will not soon be forthcoming.

The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister: Interview with ESPN Anchorman Anish Shroff

In the second edition of The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister, ESPNews Anchorman Anish Shroff joins Scott for a discussion about being an anchorman, working at the Worldwide Leader, the legend of Bill Pidto, Ron Burgundy, and tackling mascots.

The Anchor’s Desk with Scott Reister: Burnt Orange The Color Of Choice Among College Fans

In the first edition of The Anchor’s Desk, Scott Reister discusses the nationwide phenomenon of Texas Longhorns merchandise. Longhorns merchandise outsells all competition from other universities, and has a nationwide reach. Why is it so popular?