Slipping on your New Year’s resolution? Spartan Race is an exciting potential solution

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spartan Race. All opinions are 100% mine. The Problem: Lacking Motivation If you are anything like me and rest of America, you made a resolution back in January to lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier, work out more, etc. It’s now March and […]

How Bikes Can Save Us (Infographic)

Americans love using our cars, but we all pay a price for it. Driving everywhere impacts our health, our environment, and our finances. Luckily, there’s a better solution: biking.

Youth sports injuries on the rise, warns greater Denver sports medicine doctor Peter J. Millett

According to Colorado Sports Medicine Doctor Peter J. Millett, youth sports injuries are on the rise and pushing your child in sports too young and too hard may cause injuries that last a lifetime.

Introducing the MSF Wellness Challenge: Moderation, Salubrity, and Fitness

It’s time for those of us who have fallen into poor health and fitness habits to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and stop procrastinating one of the most important commitments we will ever make: a commitment to wellness.

The 33 Most Underrated Workout Songs of All-Time

Jerod presents a list of 33 songs he thinks are underappreciated from a workout standpoint. They may not all be great songs, per se, but they serve the purpose of keeping the energy high during a workout. (And yes, there is lots of Rocky IV.)

Blogging Fitness: The Skinny on Balancing Vacation Fitness and Splurging

In her latest installment of Blogging Fitness, Kimberly Westphall provides some helpful tips and advice on how to balance working out and splurging while you’re on vacation this summer.

Blogging Fitness: Hustlin’ to Hip Hop

In her latest Blogging Fitness column, Kimberly Westphall describes her first experience at a hip hop dance workout class, including the benefits and what she most enjoyed it.

Blogging Fitness: Blaze It Up with a Scorching, 100-Degree Yoga Workout

Recently, I have felt my flexibility might be dwindling a bit so I decided to focus some of my attention on Yoga and Pilates. Over the past two weeks, I have come to see how people get hooked on this relaxing, but challenging, form of exercise.

Blogging Fitness: The Holiday Smackdown – Fit Fitness Into the Holidays

‘Tis the season for Christmas cookie baking, frosting, decorating, and lots and lots of …eating! The anticipation for the holiday season can grow right along with the waist line. Let’s discuss a few holiday fitness tips that we can all do to get moving and ring in 2010 a few pounds lighter.

Blogging Fitness: Spin it, Burn it, Tone it!

The next time you are wanting to spice up your fitness life, hit up a spinning fitness class. There are countless cycling or spin classes at almost every gym and they provide a great, well-rounded, fun workout experience.

In Memory of Stefanie Spielman & In Support of Her Cause

After a courageous 11-year battle with breast cancer, Stefanie Spielman succumbed to the disease yesterday at the age of 42. Learn more about the the story of Stefanie and Chris Spielman, and about how you can donate to help continue her fight.

Could Sammy Sosa’s Pale Appearance Be the Result of Vitiligo Brought on By Steroid Use?

The obvious question in the immediate aftermath of these pictures making their way around the web is, what might be the root cause of Sammy’s paleness? And is there a link between vitiligo and steroid use?

Blogging Fitness: A Look Into the Life and Training of an Ironman Triathlete

Carlos Lema is an experienced triathlete and the subject of MSF’s latest Blogging Fitness article by Kimberly Westphall. By telling Carlos’ story, Kimberly provides training tips and advice that everyone — not just Ironman triathletes — will find useful.

MSF Podcast: Interview with Blogging Fitness Author Kimberly Westphall

In this latest edition of the MSF Podcast, Jerod interviews Kimberly Westphall on a wide range of topics, including her goals for the new regular feature column she will have here on the site: Blogging Fitness.

Steps to Take When You Have a Tooth Knocked Out During a Sporting Activity

Having a tooth knocked out during a sporting activity can be a traumatic experience. However, following a few steps will increase your chances of saving your tooth.