The 10 Most Intriguing ‘What ifs…?’ In College Hoops History

What if Hank Gathers hadn’t tragically passed away? What if Gordon Hayward’s shot had rimmed IN? What if LeBron had gone to college? We count down the 10 most intriguing ‘What ifs…?” in college basketball history.

What if…a snow storm hadn’t kept John Wooden from going to Minnesota?

The story is relatively famous in college basketball circles. In ‘They Call Me Coach,’ John Wooden wrote about a decision he had to make in 1948. He had to choose between UCLA and Minnesota, and a snow storm ended up making the decision for him.

What if…Kentucky had beaten Texas Western in 1966?

Texas Western’s victory over Kentucky in 1966 was an important watershed moment in sports in this country, but it had much greater impact on America than just basketball. What if it didn’t happen? What if Kentucky had won?

What if…LeBron had gone to college and the one-and-done rule was never instituted?

Please, just suspend disbelief for ten minutes and try and consider what would have happened if LeBron James had chosen to gone to college for one year.

What if…Coach K had been fired from Duke after his third season?

Today, he is a household name – maybe the most famous and popular head coach in all of American sports. One can almost list his resume with looking. It’s easy to forget that after three years at Duke, he was 38-47. What if…Coach K had been fired from Duke after his third season?

What if…Gordon Hayward’s shot against hadn’t rimmed out?

Compared to some of the other hypothetical situations that we’ve already talked about, it might seem crazy to have this What if ranked so high. Would a Butler win really have changed basketball more than a Fab Five victory over UNC? Jon believes it would have.

What if…Chris Webber hadn’t called timeout?

As entertaining as some of the previous “What Ifs” have been, this is the first one that really could have impacted college basketball as we know it today. For argument’s sake, let’s just pretend that Webber didn’t call timeout and the Wolverines went on to win the game.

What if…NCAA rules had been different for Pete Maravich?

We’re now at #7 in our college basketball What If series, today taking a look at the career of “Pistol” Pete Maravich, one of the most legendary college basketball players of all-time. But do you realize that he could be even more legendary had the rules of college basketball not worked so directly against him?

What if…Jimmy V’s NC State Wolfpack hadn’t upset the ‘Phi Slamma Jamma’ Houston Cougars?

We’re now at #8 in our countdown, which takes a look at the aftermath of a game that came in at #2 in Andy’s rundown of the 10 most memorable March Madness moment of all-time. It’s one of the most famous airballs, putbacks, and celebrations in college basketball history.

What if…Christian Laettner had been ejected for stomping on Aminu Timberlake?

Even without Christian Laettner’s game-winner, the 1992 East Regional Final was a classic, an all-time great. However, one thing many people forget is that Christian Laettner should not have been in the game to make that final shot.

What if…Hank Gathers hadn’t collapsed and died in 1990?

To commemorate March Madness, we are counting down 10 of the craziest ‘What if?’ scenarios in college basketball history. In this post, we lead things off somberly with #10. What if…Hank Gathers hadn’t died after tomahawking it home against the Portland Pilots?