Adam Schefter Redeems ESPN With The Tweet of the Day

I am not anti-ESPN or the sake of being anti-ESPN. So when the network or someone associated with it does something noteworthy, I will also call attention to the positives.

Why Can’t Media Men Like Darren Rovell and Colin Cowherd Treat Kate Upton Like A Professional?

First, Darren Rovell asks Kate Upton to be his valentine on TV. Now today comes Colin Cowherd acting rather inappropriately himself during an interview with the 19-year old SI Swimsuit cover model. Kudos to Kate Upton for responding to both with maturity, poise, and self-respect. But come on, really guys?

How Many Hall of Fame QBs Have Led The League In Interceptions?

Eric Mangini, in a discussion on this morning’s First Take about whether Eli Manning would be a Hall of Famer if his career ended today, mentioned that Eli led the league in interceptions in 2010 and asked, “How many Hall of Famers have led the league in interceptions?” Naturally, Josh stopped what he was doing and went to to answer Mangini’s question.

John Steigerwald’s incomprehensibly bad article about Bryan Stow proves author to be clueless, heartless hack

John Steigerwald tried to present a contrarian take on the tragic story of Bryan Stow. His take? That Stow is somehow at fault for his current plight because he dared to wear the jersey of his favorite team in a rival’s stadium. Seriously.

The key to a successful life is…wait, what?

Earlier today, Gordon Keith from 1310 The Ticket in Dallas made an interesting observation during a discussion about the Auburn tree poisoning. He said that the key to a successful life is to get over college. What do you think?

Just Because: My Favorite Current and Old ESPN SportsCenter Commercials

Ovechkin as a Russian Spy – and my favorite two from the voluminous archive of this series, both of which star (who else?) Charley Steiner.

‘Homeless Radio Voice Guy’ story shows us the best and worst of journalism in the Age of the Internet

Two different angles related to the ‘Homeless Radio Voice Guy’ story came across Jerod’s computer screen today that, to him, perfectly encapsulate the best and the worst of contemporary journalism in the viral Age of the Internet.

On Jose Bautista, Damien Cox, and Double Standards

Jerod weighs in on this season’s steroid speculation story, which involves the red hot Jose Bautista, a hockey blogger named Damien Cox, and a pretty obvious double standard in how it’s being covered.

“What Roger Clemens Wants” and Hypocrisy in Baseball Reporting

Monday’s New York Times Opinion Section, Ross Douthat, who normally scribes on political and social matters, delved into the sports world with a fascinating commentary. Though the ethos surrounded Roger Clemens and steroids in baseball, the theme was also about the perpetual cheating that’s gone on throughout baseball’s history, including the recently-deceased Bobby Thomson’s “shot […]

Jay Mariotti just the latest in the long, sordid litany of ESPN personalities in trouble

This weekend, “Jay the Joke” joined a rather lengthy list of those who have landed in hot water or been pink-slipped because of something that happened while employed by ESPN.

MSF Interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN

Rachel Nichols is one of ESPN’s most highly visible yet underrated on-camera personalities. Recently, the Northwestern graduate answered a series of questions for MSF to let us get to know her a little better.

MSF Podcast w/ Will Leitch: Talking Cardinals, Bartman, Baseball, Books, and Some Whitlock

Will Leitch, the founding editor of Deadspin and author of Are We Winning, is the latest guest on the MSF Podcast. He and Jerod discuss a number of topics related to baseball, including the greatness of Albert Pujols and how Cubs fans should have reacted to Steve Bartman.

Re: LeBron – The Difference Between Coverage in New York and Chicago

Ian O’Connor is at it again, seizing upon another moment to profess LeBron-to-New-York a virtual inevitability. Luckily at least one writer from Chicago exhibited a bit more objectivity.

Dear ESPN, F–k You. Sincerely, The Midwest

Look everybody! ESPN has a New York section now! And guess how they chose to introduce it? Wouldn’t you know it…with yet another story about why LeBron James just HAS to get out of Cleveland and go to New York.

Line of the Day (Week? Month? Year?) From Jason Whitlock

The excerpt that follows is, unquestionably, the line of the day today in sports writing. It might be the line of the week…the month…or perhaps even the year. Either way, it is equal parts perfect analogy and terrifically funny.